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Improve Your Computer Performance Quickly and Effectively

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Your computer performance is affected by a number of factors. You will need to work through them to determine the reason why your PC is running slow. It could be that your device:

  • Has a virus
  • Has run out of memory
  • Needs to be cleaned

Here are some steps to work through to get your computer running back up to speed.

Improve Your Computer Performance Quickly and Effectively

Get the Latest Antivirus Software

If you haven’t already, make sure your computer is using the latest antivirus software. It does not matter whether you are using Windows, Apple or a Linux operating system; all can get sick! Windows computers are the most common though due to their lack of built in virus checker. The same applies to smartphones and mobile devices that you use for checking the internet off.

Viruses, malware and spyware all cause problems for your PC. You may not notice the issues at first and it may just seem like your computer is getting old. Keep this antivirus software up to date and run a scan on a regular basis. If you are unsure whether the software is working, there are other programs out there to try. If in doubt, download one for free to do a quick scan (make sure it is legitimate) and then determine if it is worth buying afterwards.

Clear the Memory for a Faster Running Computer

As the computer memory is used up, it will become slow. Get rid of all the files and documents that you do not need and transfer others onto external hard drives or back them up through the cloud. This isn’t because of your software! Some of the biggest issues for your memory include music, photos and videos.

You will also need to check for any duplicated files. These take up a lot of space, often without you realizing. There is software available to get rid of this.

Check for Programmes Running in the Background

A slow computer can be caused by your PC doing more than it can capably do. This is often because you have programmes running in the background without meaning for that to happen. Some will start up when your computer starts up and will make the whole startup process very slow. You can stop this by going into the separate software settings and stopping them from automatically starting.

Close anything that you no longer need to use. While it may make your work easier having them open, they are causing your computer to really slow down, which is making your work harder.

Defrag and Check the Registries

Another common problem is linked to not cleaning your computer. When you delete files and remove software, you create gaps in your system. These gaps need closing, which is why you need to regularly defrag your computer. Another issue is when software becomes corrupt or when the registries are damaged. They need cleaning and you need to use software for this.

This will help limit the amount of problems that you face and will reduce the chance of your computer performance being affected.

Looking after your computer is the best thing that you can do. Not only will it keep it at optimum performance, it will also mean that your PC lasts for five, six or maybe 10 years instead of just a couple. Get all the money you can out of it with some due care and attention.

Author bio:

This guest post was written by Simon Hopes, a computer expert. He has helped many people fix their PCs after they have become slow, usually because their registries and systems need cleaning. You should check the system on a monthly basis, including a full registry check.

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