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Software to Compress PDF File Free Download- Give It a Try before Purchase

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Sending large PDF files through email as attachments are really an unpleasant thing. You have to wait for so long to see them getting attached and if the bandwidth of your internet connection is low then, what to say more, this thing becomes the most unpleasant thing. Compressing of large PDF files is a solution to eliminate this situation. Your compressed PDF files will get attached quickly even if the bandwidth of your internet connection is low and the user, who is receiving those files, will also be able to download those files quickly. After compressing, the size your PDF files, get reduced to almost 90 % and the quality of information and images stored in your PDF files also don’t get affected.

Compressing of PDF files helps not only in faster emailing but, it also helps in freeing up lots of hard disk space. Suppose, your profession usually deals with PDF files, you are a lawyer, you belong to medical department or you have a business in which you maintain your documents in PDF format, then you can compress PDF files to free up your hard disk space.

Now the Point comes at “What are the Possible Ways to Compress PDF file”

There are two possible ways to compress PDF file, 1) Zip them, and 2) Compress them using a third party compressing tool.

How to Zip PDF files for Compressing?

Bring all your PDF files in a folder, give name to that folder (whatever you want to give). Now, right click on folder and select ‘Compress to’ option to compress it. Compressing PDF files as Zip is a good option but, it will not reduce the size of your PDF files to that much extent. If you want to compress them very much and reduce their size to almost 90 % then, you can use third party PDF Compress tool.

Many PDF compress tools are available in the online market, so you can give a try to software to compress PDF file free download version first to choose the best for you. Among many PDF compressing tools, PDF Toolbox is good. You can try it with its software to compress PDF file free download version, which will compress your PDF files but, add a watermark to them. You can yourself see the difference between compressing PDF files by Zip and compressing PDF files with software to compress PDF file free download version.

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