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Startup Development Guide for Windows 8 Phone Application

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To get started developing Window 8 application or Window Phone apps you need to choose the right tool to complete your job. The visual studio 2012 offers a powerful development features and tools to create Windows 8 or Windows mobile apps. Visual studio 2012 offers two powerful development tools to create your applications for Windows 8 Phone and windows 8:

1. Visual Studio Express 2012 for build Windows 8 Applications: 

Visual studio Express 2012 is a great tool to create windows store applications, this tool is free and include the windows 8 SDK, Blend features for visual studio and project templates. 

2. Visual Studio Express 2012 for build Windows Phone Applications: 

Visual Studio Express 2012 is a powerful tool to create window phone applications, this is free and includes the Window Phone SDK 8.0, blend for visual studio and project templates.

Windows-Phone-8Windows Phone SDK 8.0:

Window Phone SDK 8. Includes everything you want to build and you need to build and test for your window mobile 8 and window OS 7.1 applications. There are other tools are also available for development life cycle such as the publishing you apps in Windows Phone store.

Designing and Codding:

Complete development environs for build window phone application using visual studio express 2013 for Windows Phone, also provides development features such as project templates, a code editor, visual designer, and a toolbox of controls, also includes integrated testing facilities such as simulation, monitoring and profiling, and test kits.

Blend for visual studio – use this tool for visual design to create the UI for your applications, you can open Windows Phone project in blend or you can use in visual studio.

Run and Debug:

Using Windows Phone Emulator you test and debug your application on your computer on a software emulation of a Windows Phone device. Windows 8 phone emulator has special software’s, hardware’s and configuration requirements.

Testing and Validating:

Using Simulation Dashboard test how your application acts under unfavorable real world conditions for Windows Phone.

Using application analysis you can evaluate and increase the quality and performance of your application using monitoring and profiling tools.

Registration tools:

You have to register the phone before you can deploy as app to a Windows Phone, distribute your application to register devices before you post your applications to the store.

Some useful steps for your first Windows Phone apps:

– Download and install the ‘Windows Phone SDK’

– Create your new project

– Select your windows apps templates from Windows Phone templates

– Types MiniBrowser as the project’s Name from bottom of the new project window.

– Select Windows Phone OS 8.0 for the Target Windows Phone OS Version

– Create UI

– Add the code

– Run your application in the emulator

After you have developed your application, after that you are ready to test it. For that you can submit your application to the Windows Phone store. You can review the ways to make money from your application also.

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