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System Mechanic 12 has officially been released

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For the past 15 years, iolo technologies’ System Mechanic has delivered unparalleled performance optimization to computer users throughout the world. iolo engineers continue to break performance barriers and make new, higher standards achievable for every PC. System Mechanic is widely acclaimed as the preferred way to unleash the true power of your PC.

New System Mechanic 12 continues this tradition with the introduction of breakthrough technologies that look directly into the internal state of your PC and pinpoint show-stopping instabilities too elusive to find and fix on your own. Now every level of user can easily achieve rock solid PC stability without having to rely upon laborious hit-or-miss manual tinkering.


What new features and improvement in this version?

Core Data Recalibrator™ – Automatically detects and repairs corruption within the Windows communication infrastructure

Modern versions of Windows depend on a central communication system that allows software and hardware to exchange critical information before making decisions. When this communication system is healthy it ensures efficient interoperation between all areas of a PC. However, its complex nature means it is prone to various levels of corruption over time that can result in a variety of problems.

Even the smallest amount of corruption in Windows communication infrastructure can produce false alarms, incorrect reports, misdirected files, confused software, unreliable hardware and generally unpredictable computer behavior. Attempts to correct this corruption manually are fought with hazardous guesswork and time consuming experimentation.

Core Data Recalibrator, a unique technology premiering in System Mechanic 12, and automatically corrects Windows information corruption. System Mechanic 12 accurately detects and automatically repairs these problems before they can destabilize a system, keeping Windows and all of your software, apps, and connected devices working in unison so they never miss a beat and your PC is always ready for action.

Stability Guard™ – Instant insight into stability threats

Computer users know it only takes one problem to stop a PC in its tracks, regardless of how new or powerful it may be. The effects of a single rogue app can range from annoying errors and random glitches to lost work and even an unusable system. While these symptoms mean it’s obvious there’s something wrong, even the most experienced computer experts can spend days searching for the root of the issue, often relying on hazardous guesswork and trial-and-error troubleshooting.

With System Mechanic 12, protecting your PC from stability threats is more precise and automatic than ever before. New Stability Guard proactively protects threats to system stability by automatically watching for rogue programs and unauthorized configuration changes that reduce system stability. It uses complex algorithms to track and correlate the root causes of freezes, hangs, crashes, errors, and restarts. Then it pinpoints specific solutions so you can keep your system ready for action without the downtime associated with outdated troubleshooting techniques.

Stability Guard provides a revolutionary at-a-glance view of PC reliability over time, as well as the specific programs and system changes that affect it. If a problem is detected, a solution is presented either as a one-click automatic fix or a step-by-step suggestion. Buggy programs, erratic apps and plug-ins, internal errors, system incompatibilities, and hundreds of other elusive issues are now easily resolved so your PC operates at peak performance and reliability when you need it most.

CRUDD Remover® – helps identify and eliminate duplicate programs that overload your system

Removing unneeded programs is one of the best ways to significantly speed up a PC. In addition to all the programs you install yourself, there’s the software that came with your PC that you may never use, as well as any number of programs that may have installed themselves on your computer without your knowledge.

Now greatly enhanced to detect even more “Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers”, CRUDD Remover’s expert intelligence takes the hassle and guesswork out of finding, classifying, and presenting them all, so you can choose to remove unnecessary software bloat.

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