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The Backup File Contains Unrecognized Data And Cannot Be Used-Resolve Issue Quickly

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This article highlights the darker side of corruption which can fall on BKF files of Windows OS. The ultimate result of BKF damage is error like ‘the backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used’. BKF Recovery tool can be used as a solution.

Microsoft® Windows OS is the most used platform all over the world. The reason for its wide popularity is its simplicity nature and proviso of backup. It is of course very easy and understandable platform. How can one forget its provision for ntbackup.exe facility? If this facility is used on the daily basis, then you need not to keep back up of data at any other place. Make sure that you set backup procedure daily. You will find yourself stress free. As no application is free from corruption so do this. This facility is also difficult to manage sometimes, when abrupt corruption knocks your door. You must have known that ntbackup.exe facility stores data in BKF files. These BKF files when get corrupted, you find plenty of error messages like ‘the backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used’. This message will appear on the screen again and again if some quick action is not taken. In order to stop the arrival of this error message, you must use some beneficial online software solution. There are many tools, but you have to make intelligent selection for saving bulk of BKF files. It is not the tough job, if you have some professional application with you.

Issue caused reasons:

NTBackup facility creates catalog files for each BKF file and for every backup operation which is over. These files are stored in the folder location of Windows mentioned below:

‘%SystemRoot%Documents and SettingsAccountLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftWindows NTNTBackupcatalogs’

 The Catalog files which are shown under the Restore tab of NTBackup facility, so it important to choose part of the backup file which you need to restore.

While you create more than a single backup at a time, the catalog files share identical timestamp aspect. In such a situation, backup set was attributed and emerge under the Restore tab.

Symptoms for ‘the backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used’ error:

The error mentioned above is all because of severe damage to BKF files. In the deficiency of backup procedure, unexpected shutdown, faults in backup procedure, virus attacks etc are few reasons from many that make BKF files inaccessible and corrupted. For the file backed up on server, there might be permissions, ownership, or mapping like issues. It is better to have full security permissions tab. Check the ownership on the backup folder and mapping inconsistencies between server and folder. Because of large file size may cause this issue. At the time of corruption, you fail to restore data from BKF file. This is the real cause of despair all around. Data loss becomes the reason of headache and corruption adds pain to you. Thus words of wisdom suggest checking backup process on the daily basis. In the situation of ‘the backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used’ error, the procuring solution is online BKF recovery solution.

At this point of time, you can’t re-create missing catalog files while other BKF files, which were created concurrently, already exist under the Restore tab of the NTBackup tool. Thus, you can’t restore the data from BKF file stored on your backup media. 

Repair BKF Files:

From BKF Recovery software, it is possible for you to scan BKF file deeply. This application repairs and recovers bulk BKF files at the very rapid rate. This application is marked with efficiency and effectiveness. You can easily wipe away marks on tension prevailed all over.

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