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The Galaxy Gear: Game On?

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September 4 marked the day for the release of a brand new category of smart devices that are soon going to dominate tech scenario the world over. The tech companies have long realized that the era and innovation in terms of smartphonesis slowly coming to a halt. Possibilities in the segment have been discovered and implemented in lots and only little remains in terms of the wow factor to woo the always expecting consumer. They have identified instead the scope for developing gadgets that revolve around the basic amenities of people such as glasses and watches.

Samsung launched its much anticipated Galaxy Gear Smartwatch at its own event on September 4, along with its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3. What is most notable about the nifty gadget, apart from the set of useful and handy features it possesses is the emphasis on design. Samsung has ensured that the device caters to the needs of the fashion conscious youth that demand good looking gadgets that are also good in terms of functionality.

Galaxy Gear SmartwatchThe watch comprises a 1.9 megapixel camera embedded within the recesses in the strap of the device. Hands-on experiences by several journalists have mostly churned out positive responses, with several lauding the ease of functionality of the device. A lot is owned to the brilliantly designed touchscreen interface. Navigating around the menus is a breeze and the device itself has just one physical button that switches the screen from its existing state to a watch. However there is a lot more to the device’s appeal than its user interface.

Priced double its competitors like the Pebble eWatch and Sony Smartwatch, it does make up for that by providing as many features as possible. The Galaxy Gear at launch had in its repository about six dozen applications, which is quite a number and is encouraging enough to make several early adopters. The smartwatch, much like its competitors makes use of the circuitry installed on the parent device to which it is paired with. It uses the GPS and cellular capabilities of the paired smartphone to use its location and communication services. Calls can be received on the device and can be talked into directly via the built-in speakers.

Notifications for an array of services such as text messages, phone calls, emails, IM applications and Social Networking notifications from services such as Facebook and Twitter make it extremely convenient to be connected on the go.

A door opened by the foray of such devices is that of developing gadget applications. Being a relatively new field in portable electronics, content is bound to be limited which is a scenario that can be overturned by app developers. Finding quality and experienced developers is indeed important in the case of developing for gadget apps. At present, only a few companies like Software Developers India (SDI) are making headways in the field.

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