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Top games for android phones and tablets

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Android phones and tablets gained great popularity around the world and, consequently, there is an incredible growth of different apps and games for it. We need them, because we spend a lot of time waiting: in lines, in the transport etc. However, its number is rather high and it is difficult to find really qualified and interesting material. We looked through the whole load of programs for Android and here is the list of those that should be definitely downloaded to your phone. So, let’s start our review immediately.

Top games for android phones and tablets

1. Of course, I would like to start with Angry Birds :-D, the winner of the competition. This game moved to Android not so long ago, and gained over 2 million of downloads during the first weeks. Angry birds should take revenge on the awful pigs who took their eggs. Every bird has the unique abilities, so use them to punish those pigs. Each revel demands logic and skills to pass.

2. Super Hexagon: The idea of the game is simple at first sight. You just need to move your triangle to the center of the hexagon till the music stops. However, it is easy said than done, you need a lot of concentration and skills to do it, it is a real challenge. This game was designed by the author of Don’t Look Back, and now it is one of the favorite and qualified ones, so you should download it.

3. Aralon: Sword and Shadow. This game offers you rich framework, cool graphics and different environment, which impresses greatly. Its opportunities won’t leave you indifferent; plenty of weapon and skills dazzle you, so you can not but download it. Be ready to the exciting journey to the Kingdom of Aralon, creating the unique hero which unravels all the secrets of the Kingdom.

4. Gene effect: It’s a Metroid-style platformer, which concentrates on exploration. You are the pilot of the space ship with the mysterious things and secrets, which turn the parts of the game into various and interesting for you. The action takes place in the near future; you find the ancient equipment which can help you to explore the space. The visuals are rather simple, but impressive, and the music adds the mysterious atmosphere.
5. DroidShooting 1.0: This is an almost unique game for Android as this game uses the additional reality. In a few words, this game uses the Android’s camera – the objects you need to put down not only in front of you, but around you! Be ready to turn around, standing with your telephone, to find the droids and discharge them, using different kinds of weapon. There is even a map in the corner of the monitor for you to find the place of droids.

6. Logos Quiz 1.0 – an exciting game in the form of a quiz, where you need to recognize the logos of the famous companies. In this game different logos take part: automobiles, restaurants, clothes, perfumes, bars etc. You should be very attentive when you write the title, or if you make a mistake, the program won’t accept your answer, until it is correct. The game is capturing, and don’t think that you will find everything on the Internet – it is not as simply as you can suppose.

7. Alchemy: This game was appreciated by the Android Market. You have the opportunity to feel yourself an alchemic, and with the help of only four elements: water, fire, earth and air you can produce animals, food and even beer. The elements can be changed during the game.

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