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VMware Disaster Recovery

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When a disaster strikes, VMware disaster recovery solutions are designed to protect business IT assets. Today, there is a critical need for virtualization specific backup applications. If a host fails or systems suddenly go down, mission critical virtual machines that were using the pieces of the virtual infrastructure will need to be quickly restored. A Host and VMware technologies provide complete disaster recovery solutions that deliver economical and reliable protection for all virtualized applications.

Meet Core Requirements For Disaster Recovery

The best disaster recovery plans should be simplified and lower costs while improving processes. VMware’s backup and recovery application involves a back up of virtual machines as well as full restoration processes. Users benefit from easy deployment with VMware’s initial setup wizard. VMware’s technologies and features include: a backup application with a GUI interface, integration into vCenter, disk-based backup and restore of VMware virtual guest machines, and restore of individual files from a guest VM or the entire image of a guest. As well, there are multiple restore points that are displayed for each VM which allows for easy restore, VMWizard with workflow to create and schedule backup sessions, and full or incremental backups of guest VMs.

With the Host Servers and Storage Solutions combined with VMware, businesses can meet core requirements for disaster recovery. The advantage for business is the fast and reliable recovery due to automation. When a disaster failover is initiated, business services are automatically recovered with limited or no manual intervention. There is also non-disruptive testing automation and simplified testing of recovery plans. Failover testing can be performed as often as required and they are non-disruptive to the production systems. Tests can be quickly run to identify any problems with recovery plans and then a resolution can be quickly determined.

Easy Implementation Of A Disaster Recovery Plan

The Host and VMware provide virtualization architectures and the tools required to implement an efficient disaster recovery plan. With vCenter Site Recovery Manager, setting up a centralized and automated recovery plan is easy and can be done in minutes through an interface that is integrated with the vCenter server. vCenter Site Recovery Manager utilizes cost-effective  storage based replication to provide centralized management of recovery plans, as well as automated migration and recovery processes.

vSphere Replication allows for the use of heterogeneous storage across sites which provides replication to protect business critical applications. In addition, vCenter Site Recovery Manager supports a wide range of storage based replication products from VMware’s storage partners.

Efficient Data Protection

VMware improves data protection capabilities. Applications running on vSphere benefit from non-disruptive backups so when a backup is initiated,  a snapshot is taken of the virtual machine, and the snapshot is provided to the backup application. This eliminates the need to have an agent running inside the virtual machine. Also, VMware virtualization encapsulates the operating system, applications, and data into a small set of files. This means the entire system is backed up and can be recovered in a single operation.

Simplify, Reduce Costs, Improve Processes

The traditional methods for disaster recovery tend to be unreliable, costly, and complicated. Many businesses using the traditional disaster recovery methods will protect only their most critical applications, leaving them exposed to vulnerabilities. With VMware, businesses do not have to decide which applications to protect. VMware makes it easy and affordable to protect all of the applications.

With VMware, businesses have the ability to reduce disaster protection costs, implement simple recovery plans, and automate their recovery and migration processes to provide quick and reliable recovery. VMware is a critical technology providing businesses with VMware disaster recovery solutions that deliver economical and reliable protection.

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