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Why lots of entrepreneurs are choosing to venture into the mobile apps industry?

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There is an obscene amount of growth in the Mobile app industry. With over a billion Smartphone used all over the world, one can only imagine why entrepreneurs are venturing into this industry. Here we looked into a few reasons why an increasing number of people are taking up this route to find a new business in the Mobile industry.

Why lots of entrepreneurs are choosing to venture into the mobile apps industry

Stats Don’t Lie:

App users worldwide

With billions of people using Smart Phone all over the world, the number is on the rise. According to a survey just India’s telecom subscription base is 900 Million+ and adoption of affordable smart-phones and tablets (Micromax, Karbonn etc) is also increasing month on month. With staggering stats like these, one can only take some direction.

Mobile an Extension of the Human Capacity:

Mobile an Extension of the Human Capacity

Understanding that smart phone acts like a dream gadget for people writing consumer apps with their 24/7 accessibility, connectivity and staying completely personal. Be it eating, traveling, working or sleeping people have the device connected and are engrossed into it at all times. More and more of us are relying on technology to make their simplest decisions. This almost being an extension to our bodily appendage multi tasking for us through the variety of apps installed. Be it for personal utilities ranging from simple to do lists to checking mails and investment portfolios, reliance on smart phones is on the rise and there is no escaping from it. Is that not an endless field for all sorts of entrepreneurs to come and explore the territory for their brand, business or any idea?

What is also great about the mobile channel or this platform is that it also provides you access to browser based channels making it sort of a first screen for accessing all kinds of information.

On Why Entrepreneurs Should Look into this Industry:

On Why Entrepreneurs Should Look into this Industry

This makes it an extremely attractive proposition for an entrepreneur to deliver great consumer solutions using mobile apps.
One of the basic reasons for this is simply because Desktops are declining and people are expecting for more and more out of their ‘smart’ phones.


It is also important to understand that world is shifting from desktops to mobile now and the most wonder full thing about apps is the cost involved in making it as compared to other stuff when it comes to entrepreneurship.

It also helps if the entrepreneur is a techie then it becomes much easier, then the only thing left is to market it and that too has become a breeze with effective platforms like google play, iphone app stores and many others. Thus the only thing to focus on is the “Content of the APP” and as the cliché goes content is king and with any decent app worthy of an iota bit of use, then it can collaborate with ad networks which will fetch good ROI ensuring good profit margin.

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