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10 Most Useful Windows 8 Software Applications

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Twitter: In Windows 8 you can use Twitter directly from your Windows and you do not have to use the third party clients to access your latest news on the top social network and stay connected to the world. On the Windows 8 version you can Discover Stories in a collage form by scrolling horizontally. You can also use the snap view to drag Twitter to the narrow side of the screen and have a look at the other apps at the same time. HowStuffWorks has a long line of articles and podcasts for the users of all ages. You can use the application as a Homework aid and you can also look for just any kind of queries and you will always find something on it.

Angry Birds: Angry Birds take a new turn by teaming up with Star Wars and making new characters so you can play the game with the Jedi Knights and Wookies to defeat the Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers. The addition of light sabers and lasers to the play breathed a new life into the game.

Fhotoroom: Fhotoroom in the Windows 8 is designed for the people who are into playing fun with their photos.  It is the Community Award winner photo App which helps you to experiment with your styles and edit your photos in so many different ways.

Netflix: You do not have to pay for Cable to watch all your favorite shows because Windows 8 brings you Netflix through which you can watch them whenever you want.  It requires your Netflix Membership to use and after you have got the membership you can watch the shows at as low as $7.99 per month. The best thing about it is that if you start a show or a movie on one device, you can pick it up on the other device as well.

Jewel Fever: Browse by your liquor, popular recipe name or even the color of your drink, this application is the best out there with which you can play the basic matching game by connecting the three of the same color jewels and in the three modes which are: Normal, Quick and Infinite. You get a 60-second limit on each game.

Comixology: Windows 8 gives you the app to put up a comic book store inside your Windows. You will enjoy finding more than 20,000 digital titles and have fun.

Kindle: It does not matter which device you are using for surfing. You can use a Kindle on Windows 8 and enjoy many magazines and books online.

Slacker Radio: Now you can use the popular Internet Slacker Radio on your Windows 8. You can use the genre station to access thousands of songs in a large variety of music genres.

Alarm Clock: Get a good wakeup call with a Alarm Clock and get to hit the work on time. You can set the alarm and also get the facility of the snoozer to remind you again and again after intervals that you have got something to get done.

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