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6 Popular Free Apps For Android Platform

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Google is releasing updates for their devices in a continuous manner. Android, one of the biggest platforms from Google, offers a variety of awesome features and apps for their users in order to provide the most shareable experience of using their devices than other Smartphone devices. There are some apps available for which users have to pay a small amount of money but there are some apps, which are available, free of cost. Some free apps for Android platform are mentioned below:

1. Seesmic

There are numerous Twitter apps available for the Android platform. Twitter itself trembled up different scenes with the launching of their own apps but Seesmic is one of the most popular apps used by many Android users. This app supports multiple accounts and home page widgets that display latest tweets and amazingly professional and slick design. This app is one of the best examples of application development in today’s times.

2. National Rail Enquiries

The National Rail Inquiry is one of the apps that run on Google platform free of cost finally. With this app, you are able to check timing schedules of live trains or make plans for your travels or journeys and attain notifications about train delays. For the first time, the app prompts user to enter a work and home train station, after that user can utilize the ‘Get me home’ option for seeing the available trains next to previous ones.

3. Outlook

Microsoft has made a team of seven developers for offering an official Hotmail app for Google platform such as Android OS that provides users a clean, simple interface, support for push notifications and even let them manage a number of Hotmail accounts within a single app. If the requirements of your emails have not still completed by Google, it is one of the most helpful tools for you. Hotmail app is renamed as an Outlook app in these days in order to keep modifications to its mail website from Microsoft.

4. Google Sky Map

An awesome app that utilizes orientation tools of your mobile phone devices for providing you a right representation of planets and stars on display screen of your devices. You need to point your device at the sky, and then you can learn which constellations are visible. Google Sky Map app even works in indoor areas, if you are unable to go into the cold at night times.

5. Foursquare

Foursquare is one of the social media platforms, which is presented in the finest form on Google platform also. With this app, users can make check-ins in an easy and a couple of clicks. This app has Google Maps in an integrated manner for offering users a seamless experience of Google brand and shortcuts available on the home page to all the favorite places of users.

6. Samsung ChatOn

There are numerous tools available for messaging on Android OS, but Samsung ChatOn defeats a number of them as this offer support for multi platforms. This app is one of the easiest ways in order to get in touch with your friends, relatives, neighbors or dear ones. There are some additional features available in it such as image sharing, social networking and drawing features.

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