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Europe Media: Raising Awareness of LG’s Home Appliances with a Creative Edge featuring Pogo

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LG Electronics’ home appliances are not only useful and beautiful to the eye, but also to the ear. So, LG Electronics HQ has created a music piece with the massively popular YouTube mashup artist, Pogo, using the appliances itself. The idea behind the project was really simple: record various sounds that the appliances make and use these in order to create music. Pogo was joined by producer Jeesh and the result was a stunning short clip that highlights the LG appliances while also making you nod your head.

We’ve utilized the existing product video assets LG has and created a whole different video. Footage from filming scenes of the sounds of LG’s home appliances and a mashup of the original product videos have been tastefully remixed. In the video, LG has used various sounds from its washing machine, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, Hom-Bot, dishwasher, and light wave oven, directly recording and filming these sounds from LG’s showroom in London, UK. The interaction that was created was interesting and the result basically pushed the LG brand to a new awareness level, together with the 2 music artists that collaborated perfectly.

The video will be featured in Adweek with AOL in September, highlighting the creative process to the seeding, giving it full exposure to industry influencers from the US and UK. It is expected that various other media outlets will pick up the video, which was posted on YouTube and already gained close to 1 million views, a number that is higher than what anyone expected without extra promotion.

The created video will be seeded in various high-end publishers and bloggers, targeting 6 countries, UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and France. (Spain will feature a separate video), starting from the end of September to the end of October.

With the push of Pogo’s fan-base, a quality level video and LG’s brand name, LG’s home appliances will be introduced to hopefully many viewers throughout the world. The brand is thus pushed forward with the use of a very interesting and unconventional marketing strategy. The combination of marketing and PR push the viral trends and take advantage of the natural need that people have to see new things. From a marketing point of view, it can be said that even the competition is jealous to see the results of an idea that is really simple and yet produces great results.

While such mashups are not new on the market, we need to highlight the fact that this is the first video of its kind in the sense that it is the first one to solely rely on the use of home appliance sounds as musical notes. Various regular tasks like turning a dial, pushing a button or closing a washing machine door produce natural sounds. Those sounds are the ones that were taken, mashed together and mixed with electronic music.

The video that was produced highlights the sounds and also helps in showing the low level noise that most modern LG appliances make. High end microphones were used and the videos that were mentioned above do showcase how the sounds were recorded.

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