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Free resources for learning English

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The article discusses about various ways through which you can enhance your English learning experience. Take help of books, audio books and movies to improve your English.

The four skills in English are reading, writing, listening and speaking. These skills are the basic things that are required to master the language. The following tips and free Internet resources are available to improve every aspect of English learning and gain the same learning experience as offered by the various English language learning courses.

learning English
READING is highly recommended for basic and intermediate levels associated with how to write the words with the way they are pronounced, as the English pronunciation can be very different from its writing.


  • Listen songs with subtitles, you can find almost everything you need on YouTube.
  • Listen to audio books (for intermediate and advanced levels, especially).
  • Use a dictionary. If you are a beginner, it will be useful to have a dictionary translator. Try to start from the basic and take help of learner’s dictionaries with simple English definitions.


Writing EnglishThe only way to improve English is writing. Read and listen to help build vocabulary. It is very important to practice them.


  • If you business language is English and you need to write emails, then you need to learn the ways to write business letters in English. For this, read many examples of business letters in English and practice writing yours.
  • Writing dialogues about your day-to-day happening will help you to improvise and help in avoiding mistakes while speaking English.
  • Read and write short stories so that you can improve your style in general and correct your use of tenses. For example, writing anecdotes will help you play with the past, and also help to see how you can improve your vocabulary.


Many feel that they can express themselves, but they have greater difficulty understanding spoken English, either because the speaker speaks too fast, or has an accent that you are not used to. Sometimes, group conversations are also confusing.


  • Get used to the accent first, particularly of those with whom you will communicate in English. Moreover, it is important to distinguish the regional accents and learn the more neutral language pronunciations.
  • English movies subtitled in English are an excellent resource to accustom the ear to the language.


speaking EnglishTo speak English correctly, you have to practice. It is helpful to have someone with whom you can practice your spoken English, and it is best to have a teacher at your end to correct you and help you to make yourself perfect.


If you have a goal in mind as you go to study in the U.S. in a few months, give a lecture, a business trip or preparing for a test, the best you can do is hire an ESL tutor or Personal Trainer for the period. Explain your situation to your tutor, and ask him to train you. It is a good idea to inform your teacher openly about all possible details of your situation and maintain an open dialogue, and better know how to seek help.

The purpose of improving your pronunciation is not “speak like the Queen of England” but convey a clear message. If you always practice who have to overcome shyness and just talk aloud, put on the TV and tries to imitate the accent and intonation of the characters of English programs or movies. Even better if you record what you say and compare how you speak up!

You can also take help of the online resources available for helping the students in learning English. Such platforms create virtual campus where the student accesses the information without any hindrance and learns in the best possible way!

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