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How to Enhance Your Customer Service Experience – and Easily Get the Answers You Need

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Getting the customer service we deserve is harder than it seems. Whilst most companies would purportedly tell you that they pay specific attention to their customers’ needs and preferences, sadly, the opposite is true. Often it is the larger, more established company which lets their customers down. Smaller companies often appear more eager to deliver a quality customer service.

But you don’t have to patiently sit out a bad customer experience – you yourself can change your customer service experience for the better by keeping note of a few key pointers.

Deal only with reputable companies

Granted, this may be easier said than done. But chances are good that if you buy products from or deal only with established companies, then you would have better customer service. These bigger companies, such as British Telecom, are more attuned to their customers’ wants, especially if they have already made a name for themselves. To them, reputation is everything. As such, they would make more effort enhancing your experience with them.

Mobile phoneCommunicate by voice rather than mail

Whilst you may think that sending an email for a complaint, request, or question is easier and takes up less of your time, at the end of the day this may not be the best course of action. You may not get the service you expect; this can be especially true if your concern needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It is often far more dynamic and can achieve a positive result, simply by picking up the phone and giving them a ring.

Get the answers you need with the right BT customer services phone number

Of course, you would need to know the right number for the company, especially if it is a big one. Speaking directly to a representative can give you answers right away. Case in point: did you know that it usually takes almost two minutes to speak to a representative, compared to a time frame of about 17 hours to receive a response to an email?

Stay calm and collected

Even if you may feel like screaming at the top of your lungs to get your point across, keep it cool. Keep your presence of mind intact. When you finally get to speak to an agent after what seems like hours, make sure you keep your tone neutral and politely explain your concern or request in the clearest possible way. The agent is there to help you, and whatever issue you have is not their fault in the first place. You have to get past the system and the SOP, and being polite and considerate will go a long way – if you show the agent your good side, they will be more happy to help you and may even step out of their comfort zone for you.

The best time to call

If you are making a call, different times of the day may yield a better, swifter response. Typically, the lunch hour may not be a good time as everyone else will have the same objective. Call between the hours of 8 to 11am as well as 2 to 5 in the afternoon, as your call will have a better chance of getting answered quickly. These periods are understood within the industry to be ‘off peak’ periods.

As paying customers we all deserve to be treated right. If you have to phone a giant corporation like British Telecom, it is always to your advantage to know the exact numbers to call for best results. Gain access to the right BT customer services phone number only through an up-to-date and reliable online directory.

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