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How To Say If Your Child is Too Young for the Internet

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Kids are extremely tech savvy. My four year old has been working my Android phone since he was two. Schools all over the country are using technologies like interactive white boards and iPads to help kids learn everything from math to writing. Then they come home to cell phones and computers. With all of this technology, it’s not surprising that kids are interested in the internet at younger ages. Since they now have the skills to use the internet, the question is asked – how young is too young to start?

How To Say If Your Child is Too Young for the Internet

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Up to Age 10

The child should be supervised at all times while online up until age 10. You can still use internet safety tools like popup blockers to make sure that mature content doesn’t sneak its way into your kids internet session. Start talking with kids about internet use, set rules, teach your kids about not giving out personal information and even come up with online nicknames that don’t give away personal information.

Age 11-14

Although you don’t need to sit with your older kids when they are on the internet as you would before they are 10, you should still be paying attention to what they are doing online. You can still use the internet safety tools like SecureTeen to prevent access to adult content. Kids this age are curious and starting to learn more about adult behaviors. Work with your kids to make sure that they know personal information is sacred and what information is safe to give out online. You still need to set clear rules and keep your computers in a common area where they can easily be seen. Make sure that your kids tell you if there is someone contacting them online that makes them uncomfortable.

Age 15-18

As your kids reach adulthood, you should be even more vigilant in making sure they are staying safe online. Older teens should have almost limitless access to the internet with your focus on teaching them safe behaviors and the dangers of people online. Keep the lines of communication open and make sure that they tell you about people that are making them uncomfortable. Know who your kids talk to online – just because they are older, don’t let them have free reign. Supervision is still important. Insist that they never meet online friends.

To view all of the suggestions on how to improve your child’s safety in virtual environment you can visit the Microsoft website. Monitoring your kids is important. You need to be vigilant with keeping track of what they look at on the internet and how much time they are spending on there. There has been increasing amount of cases where the negative impact of a child’s interaction with the virtual environment has ended with fatal consequences. All the parents should be aware of the possible negative impact of the online world on their child.

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