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iPad Mini with Retina Display Releasing Late November

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Apple has introduced new iPad Mini with retina display and a 64 bit processor. The product will be in the markets in November 2013. Since last year iPad Mini has faced a great success but it had an omission of ‘Retina Display’. The tablet with 7.9 inches in size and a resolution of 2048 x 1536 makes image look sharper and better than before. This way iOS 7 version looks better in comparison to the original iPad Mini version. Also, it has been developed using A7 chipset technology matching with iPhone 5S which is why it is 4 times faster at CPU and 8 times faster  for graphics tasks.

iPad Mini with Retina Display Releasing Late November

Unique Colors

The colors of the updated Apple’s iPad mini are combos of white, silver and black. The price difference is there to note as original iPad Mini comes at the price of $299 whereas iPad Mini with Retina display and a latest 64 bit A7 CPU with M7 motion coprocessor is about $399. Also the price is more than the rival tablets available from Google and Amazon available in the market.

Specifications Comparison with old versions

iPad has arrived with lots of speculations and leakage in the market. Most of us had an idea about coming specifications of iPad mini. If we look at market speculations most of them are fulfilled and some are not. This iPad mini with Retina Display has defiantly come with better specifications, having features, new applications and most of all better display. Now, when the specifications were compared with last year’s iPad Mini, it is quite obvious that it has some drawbacks but the new version doesn’t have at all. iPad apps run smoothly and faster due to an efficient processor. Nothing changed in the form as it has the same compact design like thin bezels, flat back, and a metal glass look. The screen has got a big improvement in size as it has arrived with 7.9 inches with square 4 x3 ratio, which is quite better than other market competitors in the market. On the other hand when we look into Google and Amazon tablets they have a resolution of 1920×1080 for Amazon Kindle Fire HDX and 323 pixels per inch. It has 326 pixels per inch which means it is offering better pixel density provided the larger screen which in another case is 7 inches.

Apart from retina display, it has M7 Coprocessor which actually helps in tracking motion used for motion iPad Mini app development. The biggest advantage is that it helps in reducing strain on battery thus enhances battery life thus improving the user experience. Also, the front facing  5 Mega Pixel camera is better than the older Mini and MIMO Wi-Fi antenna provides better internet surfing.


iPad mini with Retina display is being designed to perform many tasks due to the number of iPad apps available in the market, Apple has complete market exposure has produced best tablet that is compatible with maximum applications available in the market. Moreover, Apple has provided better size with better reading possibilities if you have an application for book reading or you are in a mood to watch a movie in high resolution. Further, the tablet has opened a competitive market to produce small and mid-sized tablets which are new trend to market.

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