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NoFollowr Plugin – Set Nofollow/ Dofollow in WordPress by 1 click

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NoFollowr plugin is a FREE WordPress plugin which allows administrator to easily see which external links are granting search-engine benefits upon another site. Then the administrator can toggle between allowing and disallowing this benefit with a single click.

When logged in as an administrator, green “tick” and red “stop” icons appear next to all external links in a post indicating whether rel=”nofollow” is currently applied to them. Just simply click an icon to toggle between these two states and alter the link’s nofollow status. The change is remotely reflected in the database without requiring a page reload. 

The green “tick” icon means that you are allowing search-engines to follow the link and to bestow Pagerank benefits upon the linked site. Red “stop” icon means that the link has the rel=”nofollow” attribute applied to it, meaning that you do not want to confer the link benefits to the site in question.

How to use this plugin:

Step 1: Download and install NoFollowr plugin, then active it.

Step 2: Browse your public facing website and notice that every external link within each post now has a green “tick” or red “stop” icon appended to it. 

To change between them, just click on the icons:

green tick icon_nofollowr_plugin

Click the green tick icon next to a link that goes to a dodgy website

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