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The best iPad remote desktop apps – You’ve all been waiting for

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In the current scenario, there is a significant expansion in the use of remote desktop software. The emergence of these remoter services has moved the world to a new height. “iPad”, a well known name in this high-tech world, gaining reputation as an ultimate device for business functions, especially for sales. It comes with tons of features that greatly improve the way people interact each other with the web. Today, more and more people recognized that this device is much beneficial and they are using for their myriad needs. With the increasing demand of these devices, unique, innovative and result-oriented iPad apps are quickly introduced into this world which is catching pace.

The best iPad remote desktop apps - You’ve all been waiting for

To develop unique and captivating iPad apps is not easy that requires extensive knowledge and years of experience. With the huge competition in the current market, mobile developers for iPad are very enthusiastic in bringing out numerous and innovative apps continuously. This is the reason that iPad app store is getting bigger and bigger each day. According to the latest statistics, there are more that 300,000 apps in the app store. Still, it is quite important for developers to think in advance to resist today’s great challenges in the mobile market.

Remote desktop apps are very popular category in the app store, so that you can connect your desktop computer with minimal hassle. In these days, many business organizations are in need of a remote desktop tool to manage their systems remotely if they run their business in various locations. The best added advantages of these apps are they increase the efficiency and reduce a lot of time. Let us have a look at some of the recently released remote desktop apps for iPad:

TeamViewer –It is free for non-commercial use and works perfectly with a little tweaking. It is the best remote access app which is designed with wonderful and inventive features.

  • It provides fast, easy and secured remote access
  • Remotely access unattended computers
  • It automatically adjusts the screen resolution of the remote computer
  • Meets the highest security standards and much more

GoToMyPc – It is an excellent app that is quick, simple and secure way to instantly connect your PC to access all of your functions. Now, there is no need to worry about your forgotten files on your PC, filling up flash drives or spending late nights in the office. This really increases the employee efficiency as well as flexibility. Its interesting features are:

  • Instantaneous access to your desktop files and programs
  • Best control of the mouse for complete functionality at your fingertips
  • Connects over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks
  • It includes special keys, full keyboard, auto-correct and Bluetooth support

LogMeIn – By installing this ultimate app, you can connect to anonymous numbers of Windows or Mac computers. It offers fairly hassle-free path to connecting to one’s computer. It allows you to drag and drop numerous folders and move them wherever you want to. It is a much smarter app and fast while still looking sharp. It is really a cool app to run Windows 7 on the iPad.

  • You cab put your office just in the palm of your hand
  • Super fast and easy
  • Simple set up procedure

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