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4 Apps That Will Turbocharge Your Search for a Dream Home

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If you’re looking to move, you obviously have a lot to think about. There’s the logistics of moving, where you want to live, your budget, and your future plans.

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, there are a number of Smartphone apps that will make the search a lot easier. With the right search tools you’ll be able to find the right home quickly that fits all your needs and your budget.

Here are four must-have apps for your house or apartment search.

Turbo Search1. Home Buying Power

When you’re looking at your options for buying a home, you’re probably going to worry about current mortgage rates and what your specific payments will be. With this iPhone app, you can calculate mortgage payments on different properties and compare and contrast prices.

Being realistic about your budget will prevent you from wasting time looking at places you can’t afford.

2. Photo Measures

As you view different homes, you’re probably going to encounter a few fixer-uppers. With this app, you can simply take a picture of a room and easily get the measurements and dimensions.

Not only does it help to take pictures to review the places you’ve looked at, but if you’re serious about buying a particular place, you can use the measurements to plan moving your stuff in and doing renovations.

3. Complete Foreclosures

Expand your search to include foreclosed properties with this app. You’ll have more variety top choose from and probably find some amazing deals you would never see on a typical realty listing.

4. Zillow’s Real Estate app

Zillow has a huge directory. This app offers up-to-date listings of homes, apartments, and foreclosures, and uses your GPS to find listings in your area. Plus, it makes it easy to search by specific criteria to find exactly what you’re looking for as well as save your searches so you can go back to them later.

Once you’ve found your dream home, it’s time to make it your own. Make sure to plan out renovations and DIY projects, and be realistic about time and budget. It might take a while to get your home exactly how you want it, but with these apps you’ll at least have a solid foundation to work with.

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