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5 Amazing iPad Apps You Need If You Run A Construction Site

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Have you ever heard anyone say you’re only as powerful as the tools you use? Cavemen were probably talking about it thousands of years ago when they were fighting wild animals and it’s equally applicable today. The only difference is the fact your tools will look a little different to the spears and large rocks they used. Read more: Occupational Hazard: Bullying in the workplace?

Today we’re going to take a look at some of the great apps that will speed up almost everything you do. They might not make your job so easy you never get stressed out, but they will take a load off your shoulders. Find out what each app does and decide if you can use any of them at work.

5 Amazing iPad Apps You Need If You Run A Construction Site


When you’re working on a big job it’s common to have lots of contractors, but trying to find the right people in the first place is a lot of work. The biggest obstacle is getting bids from everyone then deciding who fits the bill. SmartBidNet simplifies the process by creating a centralized system where you can receive bids from everyone who wants the job. You can separate everything depending on which services people provide automatically instead of having to do it manually.


iBlueprint has been around for a while now, but the new version is head and shoulders above the previous ones. It’s essentially an app where you can create and manage your own floor blueprints for any building you’re working on. This makes it easy for you to access blueprints no matter where you are and you can also pass them around so your contractors have them too. You can still use physical blueprints, but it’s nice to have them handy on your mobile device.

iQuick Contract Maker

Once you start working with contractors you need to have all your paperwork in place because it will save you time, but it’s also important to have your signed contracts stored away in case anything goes wrong. iQuick Contract Maker is the fastest way in the world to come up with contracts and they can also be customized so they fit your needs. There are many different sections you can choose to include when you’re compiling one and you just need to click on the ones you need.


How many pieces of paper do you usually see floating around a construction site at any one time? If you have photos, specs, and project plans doing the rounds it’s nearly impossible to keep on top of everything and there will always be times when you have to find something. PlanGrid senses your pain and they offer a solution that keeps everything in one place. All the information can also be automatically synced to everyone’s iPads in real time so they will always be up-do-date.

Carpenter’s Helper

When you’re trying to work out complex calculations you can’t exactly rely on that basic calculator you have in the drawer at home. I suppose you could try to use it, but you would be there all day and luckily there is a much better solution anyway. Carpenter’s Helper is one of the most advanced construction calculators you will find and it will help you work out everything. It will become one of your favorite companions when you’re in the office or out at the site.

Don’t be too scared

I know technology can be a little bit scary, but if you know how to run a Facebook account most of these apps won’t be too hard to master after you’ve spent a little time digging into them. They might just help you smile a little more when you’re stuck at work, so give them a test run and see if you want to use them regularly.

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