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5 Apps That Will Turn You Into A Lean Mean Cleaning Machine

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Wouldn’t it be great if each one of us had a robot that walked and crawled around cleaning our home whenever it was dirty? If we’re lucky our children might see them in their lifetime, but we will have to use other technology to help us clean up at home. Right now iPad apps are becoming popular and I’m sure there will be something in the app store you like the look of. Here are 5 amazing cleaning apps that are getting downloaded quite a lot at the moment.

Useful Cleaning Tips

Useful Cleaning Tips screenshot

There is a good chance you’ll be able to tackle most things around your home, but surely there are a few stains you’ll not be able to get out no matter how hard you try. Instead of searching around on the internet for ages you can just get all the information you need inside the Useful Cleaning Tips app. It will give you great tips and tricks so you can handle anything and by the time you’re finished your home will be so spotless you will feel like you’re living in a brand new house.

# Rumgr

Rumgr screenshot

If you don’t want your home to be messy anymore you will have to throw a few things out. You don’t use them anymore and letting everything pile up will eventually turn into a disaster. Hopefully some of your rubbish is worth a little money and you’ll find out when you try to sell it on Rumgr. You will also be able to trade things with other people in case you like the look of anything they’re throwing away, plus you can buy things too if you have some money to burn.

# HomeRoutines

HomeRoutines screenshot

How do you organize your cleaning schedule at the moment? If you think you could speed up the process by creating cleaning checklists you can use the HomeRoutines app. Once all your tasks are inside the app you can check them off as you go around doing them all. After a certain period of time the app will reset and you will know you have to do them again. It’s a great way to keep on top of everything because it will be impossible to forget what you still have left to do.

# Chore Hero

Chore Hero screenshot

Chore Hero isn’t the only thing that is going to help you clean your home. It’s been designed so you can let other members of your family help too. I’m sure they won’t want you to download this app unless they’re keen to get stuck into a bit of work. It has a wonderful interface where you’ll be able to assign tasks to each person in your family, so everyone will know exactly what they have to do. If you want to make things exciting you can also have the app assign tasks at random.

# Green Shine

Green Shine screenshot

You might be happy with the cleaning products you use at the moment, but have you ever wondered how they affect the environment? Most chemicals you can buy from the supermarket are not good for our planet, but luckily there are some green products out there that will still let you clean your home just thoroughly. Green Shine will teach you what they are and you will also find out about all the tasks in your home that can be carried out in a much more eco-friendly way.

It doesn’t need to be hard

Cleaning isn’t the greatest job in the world, but it needs to be done or your home will end up in a right mess. Do you think these apps will make things easier? We’ve already decided they’re not as helpful as robots, but they’re better than what you’re using right now.

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