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5 Free iOS Apps For Your Health And Wellbeing

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Believe it or not, you can use your iPhone for more than just playing Angry Birds, sharing a picture on Twitter or booking movie tickets. There are a number of apps available on iTunes to help you live a healthier life. Here are 5 of the best iOS apps that keep your health and wellbeing in mind.

5 Free IOS Apps For Your Health And Wellbeing


Although gym memberships these days sell like hot cakes, many people dislike the thought of staying in to get a good workout. Heaven knows our generation has to spend enough time indoors already. For those who prefer to go for a run rather than hit the gym, RunKeeper is a must have app for their iPhone. RunKeeper isn’t just great for runners, but also for those who enjoy leisurely walks or prefer cycling. The free app allows you to access a range of data that you can use, including the distance covered, average speed and the duration of your workout. All these stats can be stacked up in a detailed history to let you know if there have been any minor or major changes in your performance. Found a particular route that you like? You can save it on the app and access it whenever you wish. The RunKeeper app also uses sensors to keep you updated about your heart rate.

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to shed those few excess pounds. It’s not simply a case of vanity; any excess weight your body as to deal with affects you overall health and wellbeing. In today’s day and age, when the negative health effects associated with being overweight or obese are very well-known, there is no excuse for claiming ignorance. Losing weight without endangering your health requires a proper combination of eating healthy and working out. The Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker app is the perfect solution for keeping a track of what you eat and your daily calorie intake. Not only does this help you ensure that your calorie intake is not too high, but also lets you know if your calorie intake is the right amount for the exercises you do.

Workout Trainer

Anyone who has an iPhone or an iPod Touch and hits the gym regularly needs to have this app. Workout Trainer is one of the most popular apps in the iTunes App Store and it is easy to see why. As far as free apps go, Workout Trainer is packed with a variety of features that will put many of the paid apps to shame. Whether you work-out diligently at the gym or prefer simple exercises at home, Workout Trainer has got you covered. The app features a number of workouts and exercises for you to choose from. Each exercise contains detailed instructions and pictures to guide you through them. Most exercises have step-by-step audio instructions and some even have videos. You can mix-and-match the exercises to create your own personalized workout routine; these routines can be scheduled on your iOS calendar, including creating reminders.


Eating healthy in today’s day and age can be really challenging. You would think that having a wide variety of options to choose from at groceries and supermarkets would be a good thing. However, all it successfully manages to do is confuse us even more. The Fooducate app is designed to let users know exactly how healthy their diet is, the nutritional benefits of each and every food item, as well as any healthier alternatives that may be available. As much as we would like, it is impossible for us to take along a personal nutritionist every time we go grocery shopping. The Fooducate app is perhaps the next best thing.

Pocket Yoga

There was a time when yoga was strictly associated with hipsters and the ‘flower power’ movement. However, thanks to the rising popularity of yoga with Hollywood celebrities in the late 90s and early 2000s, the practice has gained widespread acceptance. When it comes to relaxing your mind and body, the only thing that will do the trick better than a portable spa at home, is yoga. The Pocket Yoga app will be your guide to the various asanas and help you create routines that meet your requirements. The app has 3 difficulty settings to choose from and features voice instructions and detailed guides for each exercise.

Although there are quite a few health and well-being apps available in the App Store, these 5 free apps are definitely the cream of the crop.

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