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5 Great Interior Design Apps That Will Guarantee Your Home Looks Beautiful

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You’re planning on making big changes inside your home, but do you think you have what it takes? People study for years to become a good interior designer and they know their stuff, but how will you know what looks good when you throw it in a room with other items? If you just guess you never know how bad your room will look. That is a shame because you want your home to be perfect, right? There must be another way to ensure you get it right.

5 Great Interior Design Apps That Will Guarantee Your Home Looks Beautiful

A few years ago there was no such thing as apps. There wasn’t even such a thing as a Smartphone, but these days it’s all changed. There are lots of interior design apps available for your phone and it means you have your own personal designer in the palm of your hands. Nobody wants to waste their time with apps that won’t solve any problems, so we’re going to browse through the ones you want to get your hands on then you can get started planning your new home straight away.

Mark On Call

You walk around the shops for days then suddenly you fall in love with the couch of your dreams. You need to know if it can fit through your door, so open up the app and you can find out within a few minutes. If you want to find out if a certain fabric will go well in a certain place you can. The app will even come with a handy feature that lets you build a shopping list so you don’t forget to buy anything. It was created by interior designer, Mark Lewison so you know it’s going to be good.

Home 3D

Unless you’re professionally trained it’s hard to imagine what a room will look like when you only have the floor plan. It means you sometimes have to make decisions based on guesswork. That is when you begin to have problems, so you need to find a solution. Nothing will replace seeing a room layout in real life, but at least the Home 3D app makes it a little easier on you. From now on you will have a good idea what something will look like before it’s finished, so it allows you to plan things much further in advance.

iHandy Level

This app isn’t exactly going to set the interior design world on fire, but it’s free and it does actually come in very handy. If you’re not a carpenter you won’t have a spirit level, so how will you know if anything is straight? Your eyes might deceive you and that is where the iHandy Level app comes into play. Just hold it against a photo frame, a mirror, or anything else you hang on the wall and you will be able to make sure it’s as straight as a ruler.

Dream Home

Ideas don’t just suddenly appear out of thin air. Every time you have a light bulb moment it’s because of something you’ve seen in the past and this is why the Dream Home app is excellent. A huge number of users submit great photos and you can look through them in order to find some inspiration. You can make things easier by focusing on certain rooms, colors, styles, etc. Once you gather a few ideas from the app you can go away and combine them so your rooms are completely unique.

Color Capture

When you’re at a party you can’t exactly walk up to the host and ask them what color their wallpaper is. First of all, it’s pretty weird and they might think you’re strange. Secondly, they probably don’t know the exact shade. If they turn around and tell you it’s red you will leave disappointed. The Color Capture app will help you out because you can take a photo of anything and it will tell you the exact color you need.

Everything you need

With these apps there is no way you can mess up. Your home will look great and you will be happy. Even if you think you have an eye for what looks good you should still check out the apps because it’s worth knowing for sure.

Today’s guest author, Shruti Vaghe, is a freelance blogger, who often writes for At a Glance Decor Inc., a leading dealer of shutters in Westlake Village. She is a tech enthusiast and likes to read various tech magazines in her spare time.

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