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5 Must-have iOS Apps For Running And Fitness Enthusiasts

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Need some motivation to get up from that couch and go for a run? Looking for some nifty tools to enhance your running experience and help you monitor your workout sessions? Fancy a positive change in your eating habits? If yes, following are five iOS apps that definitely deserve your attention if you wish to take your health and fitness seriously.

5 Must-have IOS Apps For Running And Fitness Enthusiasts


If you take your running seriously, MapMyRun is one superb app you could take along on your run. As the name suggests, MapMyRun is a great way to track your runs using your phones built-in GPS. It can efficiently track the stats of any of your runs which include pace, distance, mileage, calorie count, elevation, your running route, and much more. All you need to do is to press the Start option when you start your run, and Map My Run shall do the rest for you. You can then go on to share your stats on social networks and invite your friends for some friendly competition to beat your time. Or you can check out the stats of other runners in that area and use it as motivation to do better in your next run!  The app also features a calorie log where you can check to see what you ate the other day and a keep a count on the amount of calories you are consuming. If you need more, the app also gives out voice prompts to update you on your performance as you run!

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo Sports Tracker is yet another fantastic app to help you monitor your performance while you run. This app is as good as having your very personal trainer at your disposal to give you all the guidance and self-motivation that you need. Capable of tracking a range of activities such as skiing, hiking, biking, walking, as well as running, Endomondo Sports Tracker is an incredible app that keeps a tab on an array of aspects as far as your workout is concerned, with the help of your phone’s GPS. The aspects covered include distance, speed, duration, heart rate, tracking the route taken, and so on. This way you can compare your workouts and monitor your progress. The best feature about this app is its uber-clean design and its uncluttered interface. A brilliant all-in-one running trainer, Endomondo Sports Tracker is one app you don’t want to miss out on.


With most of the tracking apps available, you might find yourself a tad overwhelmed by the amount of options, details, and information available. In that case, if you’re looking for a simpler and less complex app that does its job as efficiently, Fitnio is a great option to consider. Uncluttered, simple, and straight to the point, Fitnio has a clean interface that provides you only the amount of information that you really require. Fitnio is arguably the simplest way out there to track your distance and other performance stats as your workout. Whether you prefer running, jogging, or cycling, Fitnio is a fantastic option to consider if you have a thing for simplicity.

Couch to 5K

Have you been planning forever to give up your easy, unhealthy life on the couch and start running? Want to convert yourself from a couch potato into a fitness freak? If yes, look no further than this awesome couch to 5k program app! The couch to 5k program is designed to introduce users to running and allows them to get started as a runner. This is an ingenious app which gets this done effortlessly by alternating periods of running and walking – this way, your fitness is built up gradually with the help of a manageable running program which lasts over the course of two months. As the name of the app suggests, the program is designed to ease you into a running schedule that will get you running 5k on a regular basis in just over two months! Moreover, the app has a stunning interface as well as voice alerts which let you know when to switch from running to walk and vice versa – how cool is that!


No doubt, regular exercise and workout sessions are indispensable if you’re looking to remain fit and healthy. However, that’s not enough. Besides exercise, you also need to watch out for your eating habits, and this is exactly what this app aims to help you out with. As the name suggests, Fooducate is an app that educates its users about the food they consume and tries to bring about a positive change in their eating habits. The app has an impressive food database and features a handy barcode scanner which scans the food items that you pick up from the market and then draws your attention towards the attributes of every item on a health scale from A to F. So if you’re looking to make healthier choices at the supermarket, this is the ultimate app to take along.

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