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8 Useful Apps that Airlines and Airports Can Rely on for Real-Time Information

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Whether you are a frequent traveler or someone who merely plans the odd trip here and there, tracking tools are necessary in order to attain an accurate schedule of arrivals and departures to the different airports, around the world. In fact, travel agencies can take advantage of flight status and flight look-up tools to make them privy to flight schedules. This tool will enable them to provide customers with accurate information regarding air traffic delays, in any eventuality.

It is possible to access the arrival and departure information of about 900 different airlines, across the world. You can easily gain access to this information from a single site that offers flight tracking tools. Navigating the airline websites can prove to be a complex task and even if a flight tracking tool is present, the look-up involves more than one single step to retrieve the necessary information. This time saving option has proven to be invaluable, providing any relevant information at the touch of a button.


As a frequent traveler you will understand the importance of finding confidence in up-to-date flight information. Putting this situation in the professional environment of a travel agency, a flight tracking tool will increase the efficacy of the service that is provided.


 8 Useful Apps

Another advantage that centralized flight tracking tools provide is that you can access regularly updated information, not just about the different airlines schedules but also low cost carriers, airport maps, live flight arrival and departure statuses, flight times between two destinations, first flight and last flight information, weekly schedules and more. Flight tracking sounds just great, doesn’t it?

Real Flight Solutions for Real Life

Flying away was a dream of mankind that made the history of modern aviation today. Looking back, we must be thankful for the tools that technology has made available for us, many of which were not seen before but only on flight tracking and flight simulation video games. Now the power is in your hands, without the need to be an expert pilot or air traffic controller to understand how flight tracking works. There are several useful apps that airlines and airports can use to provide their customers with real-time information, such as:

  1. OAG Flights
  2. Airport Tracker
  3. 3D Global Flight
  4. Airnav RadarBox
  5. FlightWeb
  6. FltPlan
  7. Intelicast
  8. FlightAware

Although there are portable apps such as Loungebuddy, you really need something more than this toy application, that is limited to the iPhone platform and only relevant to a few airports and flights. Nonetheless, frequent travelers and travel planners mostly use powerful flight tracking applications, which enables them to browse all scheduled flights at worldwide level, querying over 4,000 airports, 900 airlines and more than 80,000 departures that take place everyday. OAG flights is an ingenious tool  that can be run from a centralised website system. It does not require a particular operating system or mobile platform to be accessed.

Up-to-date travelling schedules are important to get you to your destination on time. A flight tracking tool is not a mere kids’ game but more a must-have,  saving you time, making for more efficient manoeuvrability and allowing you to be on time, anywhere in the world.

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