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All about FILES in Cpanel

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The following documents describe the features in the cPanel Files area.

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  • Backups — Backups allow you to download and store website files, databases, forwarders and filters.
  • Backup Wizard — The Backup Wizard is a user-friendly interface for creating a backup of the entire site, a partial backup, or allowing a site restoration from the last backup you saved.
  • File Manager — The File Manager allows you to manage website files from your personal computer.
  • Legacy File Manager — The Legacy File Manager offers file manipulation options in an older web-based interface. Users who are already familiar with an older version of cPanel’s File Manager may find the Legacy File Manager more comfortable.
  • Web Disk — The Web Disk application allows you to manage files from your operating system’s interface.
  • Disk Space Usage — The Disk Space Usage feature displays information about how and how much disk space your website uses.
  • FTP Accounts — The FTP Accounts interface allows you to manage File Transfer Protocol (FTP) accounts.
    Note: You will only see the FTP Accounts icon if your system administrator has enabled FTP services.
  • FTP Session Control — The FTP Session Control interface displays information about and gives you control over who uses FTP to connect to your account.
    Note: You will only see the FTP Session Control icon if your system administrator has enabled FTP services.
  • Anonymous FTP — The Anonymous FTP interface allows you to define how anonymous users interact with your FTP server.
    Note: You will only see the Anonymous FTP icon if your system administrator has enabled anonymous FTP services.


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