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All about MAIL in Cpanel

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  • Email Accounts — Here, you can find information about adding and managing email accounts.
  • Webmail — Webmail allows you to access your email through a web browser.

    • Accessing Webmail — Instructions on accessing webmail and changing your language.
    • Troubleshooting Webmail — This document provides some information about resolving common issues with webmail.
  • BoxTrapper — The BoxTrapper feature allows you to block unwanted email. You can learn more about how to use and configure it here.
  • SpamAssassin™ — SpamAssassin allows you to block unwanted email. You can learn more about how to use and configure SpamAssassin here.
  • Forwarders — Forwarders allow you to forward incoming email from one address to another.
  • Auto Responders — Auto Responders allow you to send a message in response to incoming email automatically.
  • Default Address — Default addresses catch misdirected email sent to your domain.
  • Mailing Lists — Mailing lists allow you to send an email message to multiple addresses by specifying a single address.
  • Account Level Filtering — Account level filters allow you to create mail filters for your domain’s main email account.
  • User Level Filtering — User level filters allow you to create mail filters for a specific address.
  • Email Trace — This feature allows you to review details about email delivery attempts for your account.
  • Import Addresses/Forwarders — This feature lets you create multiple email accounts, or forwarders, at once by uploading a list of usernames.
  • Email Authentication — This set of features allows you to make your mail server more secure.
  • MX Entry — You can learn about adding and managing MX entries here.

Related Documentation

  • Additional Login Methods — This document explains how to log directly into your sent and spam email folders.
  • Email Archiving — This feature allows you to save incoming, outgoing, or mailing list messages for a specified amount of time.
  • BlackBerry® FastMail Service — This document details how to use BlackBerry FastMail with your cPanel email account.


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