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Buy A Great Home You Will Love Using 5 Very Helpful Apps

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I’ve talked about a few home buying apps people will love because they make everything so much easier when looking for the perfect home. Recommended reading: 5 Great Design Apps That Will Help You Create The Perfect Home.

What is the biggest and most stressful thing you will ever do? You can argue it’s getting married or having kids, but buying a home is definitely up there with the best of them. Unless you buy a more expensive home at a later date , it’s likely to be the biggest purchase you will ever make. I know you would like everything to go a little smoother when you start to look for a new home, so I’m going to take a look at some apps you should think about using. 

Buy A Great Home You Will Love Using 5 Very Helpful Apps


Do you ever get sick and tired of running home so you can look at the houses you have seen earlier in the day when you were out looking? Unless you get access to the home you don’t have any real way of knowing what is inside, but if you use the Homesnap app you can take a photo of a home and it will give you some details about it. Once you know what some of the features inside the home are you can either investigate it further or cross it off your list.

House Hunter

Who do you think will have the final say when it’s time to decide on a house? In a perfect world it would be you, but it’s more than likely you will need to speak at great length with your partner. Instead of arguing back and forth about random houses you should let the House Hunter app help you make your decision. It has a huge list of features and you can tick things off when you visit different homes so you know which one fits your needs best.

Mortgage Calculator

The hardest thing about choosing a home is getting one within your price range. The last thing you need is a foreclosure letter because you couldn’t keep up with the payments. Unfortunately this affects lots of people all the time, but you can stop it from happening to you by setting a limit and refusing to go over it. Before you decide what you can afford to spend you will need to work it out and the Mortgage Calculator app will help you.


When you buy a new home you won’t just be interested in everything on your small plot of land. Not unless you’re one of those hermits that doesn’t leave the house. You will need to know about all the important places you’ll need access to on a daily basis. If you love coffee a local coffee shop would be nice. If there is a supermarket close to your home you could walk there instead of taking the car. The AroundMe app will show you everything close to your potential new home.


When you find a neighborhood where you fit in it can feel like the greatest thing in the world. If you feel like an outsider it can be horrible, so before you buy a new home you will want to know what kind of area you’re actually thinking about moving into. Sitewise takes information from a past Census and it will let you know what kind of people you’ll be living next to. It will help you find a great neighborhood you can call home for many years.

Make the right choice

All the apps we’ve looked at today will come in very handy. If they help you find a better home there is no way in the world you can say no. You will get to live in a beautiful home and your life will be a lot better, so go and look at them before you forget. Read more Find A Great Place To Rent Using 5 Of The Best Apps On The Market.

Shruti Vaghe, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger currently writing for Benson Mortgages, a reputable mortgage broker in Toronto. Finance and economic issues are interested her and she enjoys sharing her views via blogging. You can reach Nancy on Twitter @ShrutiVaghe.

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