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Curious Phenomenon of Hidden Wiki

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Nowadays, many people, who are still quite new in Internet browsing, could easily consider the deep web as an overwhelming part of the contemporary world wide web, which could not be accessed using ordinary searches through Google, Yahoo and other similar software applications or popular search engines. This interesting technological phenomenon could be fully explained by the common fact that despite of the endless and fast technological progress of the Internet, currently the bigger flow of information still remains deeply hidden on various dynamically generated websites so that ordinary search engines could never reach it.  

Tor Software – Risky Alternative of the Well-known Web 

Curious Phenomenon of Hidden WikiIf you have not been acquainted with all specific details of the up-to-date Internet browsing, you could easily get surprised to understand that so-called The Onion Router generally features a distinctive set of free software, designed especially to enhance your total anonyms online. Stay prepared in advance that the main purpose of the Tor application is to redirect the common Internet traffic using a modernized free volunteer network, which in most cases comprise more than four thousand instruments to disguise the particular location of every user around the world. 

That is why this web information frequently remains completely hidden even for all leading specialists dealing with network expectation or constant traffic analysis of these days. In other words, using smart Tor software typically results in much more laborious tracing of the overall Internet activity, involving all visits to different websites, online posts, instant messages, and other popular communication forms back to the relevant user. So, it is designed primarily to guard the personal privacy of various visitors along with their freedom and ability to make confident business.

Next essential part of the hidden wiki certainly concerns so-called onion routing that works with the specific layers of the encryption used there. During this process the initial data, such as the precise destination become encrypted and re-encrypted a couple of times A bit later they become transmitted via a distinctive virtual circuit, unifying plenty of consecutive, occasionally chosen Tor relays. On the next stage, every relay decrypts a particular layer of encryption in order to disclose solely the following relay in the circuit, passing the rest encrypted data onto it. As a result, the final relay decrypts the end layer of encryption and transfers the initial data without any accidental revealing of its sender. So, you should always consider in advance that this particular approach decreases significantly the entire chance the initial data to be understood meanwhile and at the same time hides its routing.

Summary of the Contradictory Nature of the Deep Web

Do not get deeply surprised that the biggest part of deep Web seems to remain easily accessible information, which generally does not prove to be subject of strict extra charges or subscriptions. However, do not forget that this mysterious network soon becomes a proven favorite medium for some of the most dangerous web hackers, researchers, drug dealers, terrorists, perverts, kidnappers and other criminal contingents. One of the most curious detail about this widely discussed technological phenomenon undoubtedly remains that 60 of the biggest deep-Websites comprise 750 terabytes of data as a whole, making themselves enough to beat the dimension of the public web by more than 40 times.

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