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Download Opera Final

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The final version of the Opera Next Internet browser has many useful features such as: integrated searches, tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, and advanced functions like Opera’s groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat…

Highlight of Opera:

  • Customize your browser: Add, remove or reposition buttons and toolbars or change the entire layout of the browser.
  • Access bookmarks instantly: Allowing instant access bookmarks bar.
  • Choose your look and layout: Customize theme of your browser.
  • Create your own shortcuts: Customize your own keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures and more.
  • Look inside tabs: Easy to look inside any tab by previewing contents feature.
  • Re-open tabs you closed: Closed Tabs helps you to open tabs that you accidentally closed or website pop-ups that Opera blocked.
  • Protect a tab from closing: By right-clicking a tab, you can pin it to prevent it from being closed by accident.
  • Get a better view of tabs: Show a small thumbnail for each website.
  • Save sets of tabs: You can save your open tabs as a “session” and load it later on to open these same pages.

Opera Final

Key features of Opera:

  • Searching
    • Your search suggestions – Popular searches would anticipate these questions as you type, making the search process faster and easier. The search for common features of the major search engines are now integrated into the Opera. You simply enter your questions into the address field, then Opera will perform the remaining steps to help you.
    • Use the quick search – It’s easy for you to use your favorite search engine whenever you want – from the search field, the address field or even the context menu. In addition, you can add any search engine on simply by right clicking on the site’s search field of the search engine and select “Create Search”.
    • Search for what you need in the web – The “search site” really helpful in Opera. All the matches will be highlighted to show more clearly the viewer. You can adjust your search to fit with all the text, words or links or websites only. This feature can be accessed from the keyboard as a shortcut. (Period) for text and, (comma) for links.
  • Personalization
    • Transform your own way – With a portfolio of full color themes and diverse, you can create the look for the browser instantly liking. Or, you can design your own own browser.
    • Customize browser – You can add, remove or reposition buttons and toolbars or change the entire layout of the browser. It allows you to easily make changes or restore.
      Bookmark convenient – It’s easy to bookmark your favorite web pages – just click the star function in the browser address field.
    • Create your own shortcuts – Opera offers many ways to perform browser, and you can also customize the keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, …
  • Tab
    • Preview of tabs – When you move the mouse pointer over a tab, a preview will display the contents of that website. When you arrange tabs, moving through a stack will display the contents of tab previews inside, and you can select the tab you want to use.
    • Restore the tabs you’ve closed – You can open tabs that you accidentally closed or website pop-ups that Opera blocked by clicking the closed tabs icon to the right of your tabs.
    • Protection from the closed tab – By right clicking on a tab, you can choose to prevent it from being closed accidentally. The selected tab usually takes up very little space and automatically moves to the left side of the tab to another more easily recognizable.
    • See the tabs easier – Visual tabs displays thumbnail images of each site, along with the title and page icons. You can drag the tab bar to the desired height to adjust the thumbnail size accordingly.
    • Storing multiple tabs – You can store your opened tabs into a “session” and load it later to open the same page. You have many different sessions and load each part based on what you are doing at specific times.
  • Operating performance
    • Control downloads – Download files more quickly. As soon as you click on a file to store it, the Opera browser will start downloading it so that no time is wasted. From the Downloads tab, you can monitor the progress of the download and pause or resume them as needed.
    • Use extension – Opera extensions provide useful services as new updates, weather forecasts, manage passwords – even compiled online.
    • Perform the data source of your favorite – It’s simple to subscribe to newsfeeds with Opera Mail. You only need to click this link in the RSS feed address and click ” Subscribe “, and the data source will display under” Newsfeeds “at the bottom of the Mail panel. Now, you can get the RSS feeds right in the browser without using other programs.
    • Always check your spelling – Spell checker in Opera displays a red line under misspelled words in all the places you can enter text on the site. You can right click on the misspelled word to correct it.
    • Remove the nuisance – You can block images, pop-ups, and plug-ins that you do not want to see. Just right click on the page, choose “Block Content” and click on any of the components annoying to deactivate them. In Opera browser, pop-up blocking feature is smart enabled by default.
    • Effectively manage bookmarks – Give your bookmarks catchy name or group them in folders to manage bookmarks to your collection growing up.
    • Just download the plug-ins as needed – You can choose to have the plug-ins such as Adobe Flash and download content when clicked. This will be very useful to speed up browsing on computers often have difficulty in controlling content plug-ins.
  • The latest technology
    • The fastest JavaScript engine – Carakan JavaScript engine has been upgraded to run faster than ever. This helps the Opera became the fastest browser in the world through many trials performance. It can even download and run complex web pages with super fast speed.
    • Support for the latest web technology – With support for the latest web standards, you can perform many more tasks online, from interactive applications to multi-player games.
    • Fast and smooth graphics – Thanks to Vega graphics library in Opera performance, even those with multiple sites can also upload photos quickly and smoothly.
    • Support for geolocation – You can share your location with sites support geolocation Google Maps. Ensure that your privacy is a top priority – you will always be informed before sharing your location.
  • Security and privacy
    • Safety on site – The Opera browser is up to date latest information from top security agents on the virus and phishing sites. When you visit the site, Opera will check the data in real time and alerts you when a site has danger signs. In addition, Opera supports Extended Validation (EV) to provide assurance and trust for secure Web sites.
    • Keep it private for your web browser – The use of private tab or window ensures that the traces of your browsing history is deleted immediately after the tab or window is closed. Now, you can perform banking transactions safely from a public computer.
    • See your safety on the site – An enhanced address field makes it easy to protect your safety on the site. The complexity of long addresses will be hidden so you know clearly about the site being accessed. A color badges and quality indicators of encryption tools are used and you can click on it for more information about the site.
    • Control the site cookies – Opera lets you choose the cookies you want to accept or decline. For example, you can allow different settings for different servers.
    • Stay up to date – Opera makes it easy to get the latest version of your browser and any extensions you’re using. You can choose from fully automatic updates or receive notification when the update is ready for you to install.
  • The developers 
    • Enjoy the integrated debugging tools – Opera Dragonfly is integrated debugging environment. It performs the function searches the DOM, CSS, and network traffic as well as data storage in order to overcome your JavaScript simultaneously utilize remote debugging feature.
    • Read the latest web technology – Dev Opera hosts articles and discussions on the latest web technologies. So, you can access to read the article unique and interesting.
    • Help for your page “shine” in the Speed ​​Dial – Popular Speed ​​Dial feature in Opera supports the beautiful icons with high resolution for the site. So, you can easily create a new look for your page so beautiful and attractive.

Download the latest version of Opera Final for PC, Mobile and Tablet

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