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Gaming Industry is Reaching at New Heights with Technology

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Motion capture is the perfect tool to create animation for games. It is like any other software, if you learn to use it properly, you can produce wonderful results. Although it is a little expensive but the results are satisfactory. Before starting the project, plan a budget, visualize anything you could and spend a good amount of time. You will be surprised to know that the best games of the world use this technology.

Reason to Use Motion Capture

Gaming Industry is Reaching at New Heights with TechnologyMotion capture has the ability to make the process easier; it works great when you wish to create the realistic situation. Globally game development companies use it because games are generating as much revenue as movies. The competition is stiff among the developers of games, everyone wants to produce a game which is more realistic and provides the same atmosphere as the real world. Two types of 3D character animation are more common, real-time playback and cinematic. The former allows the player to choose from the already created movies whereas cinematic is used for cut scenes and intro. The motion capture technique is used to capture the movements of real actors or performers and the transferring this to 3D characters, which you are animating. The technology is highly sophisticated and expensive also, so small budget production companies are not using this. But this is the most sought after technology which can produce realistic characters; this technique also provides you with some add-on features.

Video games started using the movement analysis in mid-nineties. With the success of this technology, movie producers also started using this perfectly for the real feel of the characters. The motion capture falls under the category of term Umbrella. This technique demands the whole atmosphere turn in its favor, hundreds of specialized cameras and adequate amount of actors with stuntmen and bigger sets are preferred.


Before going to animate keep one thing in mind that movies are for viewing but the animated games are for interaction. So in movies the target is to produce something which is visibly correct and realistic, in this user cannot make an input. The game gives the flexibility to the user to control the every movement of the character. The process starts with marking on the body parts of the performers and makes them stand in a T-pose and it is imperative to complete an elaborate plan to shoot. A flowchart must be followed and in case you forget to include a move, you cannot add it without rebooting. An animator must follow the flowchart and keep in mind the following questions.

  • What is the starting point for the character to run or to stand up?
  • When he is injured in a combat, how he responds?
  • How the intensity of the attack will be defined?
  • Define the parameters of the specially designed moves.

After getting answers to similar kind of questions, you could make a flow chart for each character for movement analysis. Although the body language is important for animation but you cannot overlook the importance of facial expressions and characters’ voice. By this you can save your valuable time and money from shooting not so important moves. A proper planning will let you complete the entire designing and development process with greater ease.

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The gaming industry is always using new technology for movement analysis and the technological advancements has the power to make the virtual world look real. While developing a game a flow chart must be followed to record every move.

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