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[Giveaway] Download FREE FlowHeater V3 Designer

Posted In Webmaster - By Techtiplib on Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 With 1 Comment

The FlowHeater V3 Designer is an easy to use and powerful tool to export, import, and dynamically convert data. Just unzip the archive and FlowHeater V3 Designer is ready to go (Without required setup, installation).


– Print function for the Definition set

– Synchronization of data source/target

– More than two Adapters in one Definition, in this way several tables can be imported or exported simultaneously and/or combined with one another using relations

– Read/write unstructured text data e.g. headers and footers, one record split across several lines, etc.

– Possibly a wizard feature, in order to make it even simpler (can it be any simpler?)

– Further Adapters, such as XML, Informix, DB2, Sharepoint, dBase, Email, Datanorm, …

– Further functions (Heater) such as subroutines, loop controls (for, foreach, while), …

– Audit function for validation of the import/export data prior to actual processing

– Passing parameters for Heaters over Pipes: This will achieve a level of flexibility that practically

reaches that of individual programming, without having to actually resort to programming

– Starting of external programs before, during and after execution of the Definition

– Visual Studio add-in for the integration of the DataTable Adapter

– Debugging to simplify tracing of errors

– Workflows

– …

FlowHeater V3 Designer export and import data

Download FREE FlowHeater V3 Designer for 24 hours

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  1. Eoin Gordon says:

    Thanks Admin I received my winners license (Owen)