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How to convert World time zone to your local time?

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Time Zone Converter is the online converter tool which helps you to convert the time from anywhere to your local time!

How use Time Zone Converter to convert local times?

Access the home page:

Between two locations:

– In the 5 drop-down menus in the first line of the configuration menu, select the date and time (month, day, year, hour and minute) you wish to convert. This refers to local time in the location you wish to convert from.

– In the second line, select the location to convert from. If the location is not listed in the drop-down menu on the right-hand side, click the “Search” button, type in the location name in the pop-up window, select it from the list and click “Select!”. You can also select a time zone by clicking on the “Time zones…” button.

Time Zone Converter 1

Caution when using the “Time zones” button: When marking a time zone in the list (step 1) the Time Zone Converter will suggest locations that are in that time zone (step 2). If that location is currently observing a different local time due to Daylight Saving Time (DST), the converter will automatically change the selection to the local time that is actually observed there on the selected date. For example, the tool will suggest Mexico City if “CDT – Central Daylight Time (North America)” is selected.

– If Mexico is not observing daylight saving time on the specified date, it will automatically switch to Central Standard Time (CST).

– In the third line, select the location to convert to. See step 2 for options.

– Click the green “Convert time” button to see the results.

From one location to several others:

Time Zone Converter 2

– Follow the first 3 steps above, then click on the blue “Add more cities” button.

– Enter up to 10 additional cities. See step 2 above for options.

– Click the green “Convert time” button to see the results.


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