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How To Strengthen Your Immune System And Avoid Illness With Your IPad

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If you read this site regularly, then you’re probably getting the idea that the iPad can be used for almost anything – and you wouldn’t be wrong! We’ve seen how the iPad can help you to design your home, to improve your workflow and even to help you defend yourself, and now we’re going to look at how it can strengthen your immune system and generally help you to become a healthier version of yourself. This isn’t an article looking at all the health and fitness apps out there, rather we’re going to look at how the iPad can help you to fortify yourself against illness, to create a healthier environment, and to improve yourself on a more fundamental level. How you ask? Well read on and find out!

How To Strengthen Your Immune System And Avoid Illness With Your IPad

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The first way that you use your iPad to fend off illness is to let it act as an ‘MD’ by checking your symptoms and generally ensuring that you can spot and identify potential problems early.

Of course one way to do this is to simply use the built-in browser to surf the web. Sick in bed? Then load up WebMD and see if your symptoms check out. Alternatively you can use one of the many different apps to do the same thing: such as ‘iTriage’ or the ‘NHS Health and Symptom Checker’.

There are also some specific apps out there for identifying particular problems. One example of this is the ‘Heart Attack Test’ app – so you no longer need to try and work out yourself whether you’re suffering from a heart attack or indigestion.


One of the things that is most likely to lead to you becoming ill is your environment. If you are currently living in squalor then you’re more likely to become unwell for a number of reasons.

And one of the bigger reasons here is pests: if you leave your house a mess, then you’ll find that it attracts pests such as cockroaches and rats – which in turn bring disease and damage your property. To avoid the plague then, consider using the various pest control apps for iOS. How does this work? Simply by emitting a very high-pitched noise which is enough to disturb nearby critters and drive them away. The pitches are too high on the spectrum for us to hear them, but if you leave it by a wall that’s currently providing a home for rats, then you’ll find that the scratching noises die down and they disappear at least for a while.

You can also use your iPad as a thermometer in order to ensure that your home is at the right temperature. This is another important way to ensure that your environment doesn’t end up making you sick: our bodies really don’t like the cold.


‘Cycle alarm clock’ is an app that can help you to get much better sleep, which should in turn help you to keep your immune system strong to fend off attacks from germs. This works by timing when you fall asleep in order to identify which stage of sleep you’re in. That in turn then allows it to wake you up when you are in the lightest stages of sleep and more likely to spring to life. This is great because it means that you will feel less groggy in the morning and then get to sleep better then next day. You’ll feel better throughout the day, and you’ll be much less likely to fall ill due to over-tiredness.

Something else to note though is that iPads can actually be bad for your sleep too – don’t leave yours by the bed because the light waves that come from the blinking light have been shown to be similar to sunlight – confusing your body and making it harder to get high quality sleep.

Of course there are many other lifestyle apps on iPad too which can help you to improve your health and fitness as well as your diet – all of which will help keep your body stronger and more resilient. 

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Shruti Vaghe, the author of this article, is part of the team with, Peregrine Pest Control Inc., a leading pest control service in Calgary. He is into programming and loves sailing in his yacht. You can also follow her on twitter @ShrutiVaghe

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