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Knit Amazing Clothes With The Help Of 5 Great IPad Apps

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Knitting is one of those hobbies it’s easy to fall in love with pretty easily. It’s an enjoyable and relaxing way to spend your time, but you also save lots of money when Christmas comes around because you don’t need to buy proper gifts. Even though I was joking I’m sure it’s something you’ve done before because winter is torture without a wooly hat.

Knit Amazing Clothes With The Help Of 5 Great IPad Apps

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Have you ever wondered how you can improve the quality of your work in the easiest way possible? If you’re a fan of technology you might enjoy some of the cool knitting apps on the market, so let’s take a look at them and we’ll soon find out.


Never before have you had so many knitting patterns in the palms of your hands because as soon as you switch on your iPad you will be able to find anything. Not only that but this actually has a patented display graph that will explain to anyone how to master any pattern they’ve not quite got the hang of yet. They’re really proud of the fact all the information you need will be displayed on one page which means you won’t have to flip backwards and forwards through multiple pieces of paper any more.

Jknit Pro

This app is similar and it will take any knitting pattern and turn it into easy to follow step-by-step instructions you can look at as your working. There is no chance you’ll get confused about what to do next because it will even tell you what you have to do after you compete each row, which means you’ll get that Christmas jumper finished in no time. There is also a dedicated area where you can keep track of all your projects in case you like to jump around from one to the other.


Do you always find yourself forgetting what row you were working on? Knitting Queen has a special tap system in place, so when you’re hitting and you move onto a new row you just need to tap the screen and you’ll never forget where you were again. This can save you quite a bit of time because you don’t need to work anything out. It’s also full of knitting patterns like the previous apps and you can keep personal notes which can be added to or read whenever you like.

Knitting Daily

The Knitting Daily app is like a special learning tool that is always constantly getting updated. You can read up on all the latest gossip when they publish new articles and there are hundreds of videos inside that will teach you a lot of things you didn’t already know. You will even learn new techniques and tips from all the top experts in the industry. Everything is generally updated once per week so you will always have something to look forward to.

Vogue Knitting Magazine

This is the ultimate knitting magazine that everyone should read if they want to improve their skills. Instead of reading general knitting articles on the internet you will get to read much more in-depth articles when you use the app. You will also hear the latest information about the current trends in fashion and you’ll be shown how to create great clothes for yourself. Don’t forget to print out any patterns you like if you have a compatible printer at home.

What more important to you?

Do you like that you’ll get to learn lots of new skills, or are you much more excited by the fact everything will be much easier from now on? When you combine both of those benefits together there is no way you can’t explore these knitting apps more deeply. Good luck and get ready to knit yourself a new wardrobe.

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