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The Return of Slender Man in Slender: The Arrival

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What started off as a competition among forum users of a highly visited website quickly became an internet phenomenon and quite possibly the first urban legend of the internet. Slender Man was created by a forum poster who used old photographs and photo shopped what appears to be a very tall man wearing a suit and black tie.

The legend goes that Slender Man appears before some sort of ill omen befalls the people that saw him. Slender Man has been reported and seen across the world by thousands of people. There are hundreds of photos of Slender Man on the internet. The ghostly figure has made the jump from the photos and into the video game world through several flash based games. The latest game based on this man of death is called Slender Man: The Arrival.


In Slender: The Arrival, players are tasked with finding all the pages of a book that will save them from Slender Man. Once the pages are collected the game will end, and if Slender Man catches the player before all the pages have been found, then it is game over for the player. This latest game is created by the original Slender Man game’s developers. It is a collecting game with a terrifying twist.

The graphics are rustic looking in this game and Slender Man is as scary as ever. The game uses a blur technique that distorts everything around the player just a little and also uses fog to help add to the suffocating atmosphere. The sound is also very creepy. That is not to say that all is good with the game. There are several reports of the game having massive slow down on the pc, some customer reviews on tell of frame rate drops that make the game almost unplayable, even with a strong pc these are issues that shouldn’t be there. The game also has its fair share of glitches, especially with the new enemy, which glitches out when near the player. Some gamers have also complained of the game randomly crashing their systems and forcing a hard restart. Ouch!


Another thing that causes people to turn away from dropping any amount of cash on this game is the fact that it can be beaten fairly easily inside of an hour. The short gameplay when added to the frame rate and glitches make it very hard to justify the $9.99 price tag that the game carries on the Gog website. 


In closing, Slender: The Arrival is a fun and scary game but only for the first time playing it. Players may wish to check out the previous Slender Man games such as Slender: Eight Pages before considering dropping any cash on this game.

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I am the administrator of  a website dedicated to true horror, just like Slender Man is. Regarding this game – It really is not worth the price of admission, especially when given the fact that there are already several Slender Man games available on the internet for free.

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