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The Top Apps That Will Transform You Into A New You!

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Apps have quickly grown since their first introduction to become an integral part of our life. We use apps not only as a way to entertain ourselves or get work done, but also as crucial lifestyle aids that can help us find our way around, communicate with friends and even decide on what to cook. Our phones have become extensions of ourselves that we keep constantly on our personage, and the apps we choose are what give them the functionality to make our lives better.

As personal as apps are these days, then it’s no surprise perhaps that there are so many popular self-improvement and self development apps out there – and so many apps that can help you to become a better person just by using them. A phone is many things, but perhaps you never realized that it could be a perfect tool for self-development too? Read on and let’s take a look at how you can transform yourself into a better version using just your Android or iPhone device…

The Top Apps That Will Transform You Into A New You

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Lift is an app aimed to help you develop better habits. These can include things like ‘floss’ or ‘put your keys where they belong’. Then, throughout the day you note down when you do these things and you can then see how you’ve performed over time. Remember – 30 days to break or form a new habit! Lift is only for iOS, but there is an equivalent app available on Android called ‘Habit Streak’.


Habits are one form of goal setting, but for longer-term objectives ‘Everest’ can be a helpful app that will break down larger objectives into smaller steps that you can achieve more easily. This one is for iOS.


Struggling to stick to your goals despite the help from apps? Then Beeminder might just give you the incentive you need – by transferring money out of your account if you fail! This one is for both iOS and Android.


Still struggling? Then perhaps you need a bit of counselling? With ‘Unstuck’ for iPad, you can break down your problems and your struggles and help to prescribe a solution.


If you want to improve your health and fitness, then there are few better ways to go about it than by going for a regular run. Endomondo is an app that will track your runs and statistics, allow you to share them with others, and even give you encouraging prep talks pre-recorded by friends and family as you reach certain points on your route. Available for Android and iOS.

Workout Trainer:

If you’re looking to build muscle and increase flexibility and fitness in more ways, then Workout Trainer for Android and iOS can help. The app will allow you to choose workouts, add your favorite music and then take you through the exercises with no equipment required. There’s also a community element for those who struggle to stay motivated.


Happier is designed to boost your mood, which it does by encouraging you to share three positive things that have happened throughout your day. Research has shown that this can work well, but only iOS users will get to enjoy this one in app form.


Available for both mobile operating systems, YOGAmazing will get you stretching, toning and practicing your breathing with its 50 yoga sessions for you to practice at home.

Reddit is Fun:

Reddit is Fun is my Reddit app of choice for Android, but there are many others across all mobile operating systems. Reddit of course is a community-aggregated hub for articles and content online that can help you to find the information that’s most likely to interest you. The reason this is great for self improvement, is that you can opt to select categories like ‘world news’ and ‘science’ in order to improve your general knowledge and to bring you up-to-speed with current affairs. No more ignorance for you!

Google Keep:

Google Keep is an app for taking quick notes and snapping photos then sharing them in the cloud so that you can access them from any device. It works online or through a number of apps, and this way you can ensure you never forget anything again.

So through apps alone, you’ll now forget less, look better, feel healthier and achieve your goals. And we just touched on a few – imagine what else might be possible!

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