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Top 4G Download Ideas – How to Indulge With High Speed Internet

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You’ve finally got hold of that brand spanking new phone, with unbelievably fast 4G internet and a contract that allows for unlimited usage. You’re a lucky, little consumer. Of course, as soon as you have something as vast as 4G – it’s easy to get overwhelmed at all of the imminent possibilities. High speed 4G, or LTE (fourth generation and long term evolution, respectively) is the next step up in mobile data networks.

Top 4G Download Ideas - How to Indulge With High Speed Internet

According to the Guardian journalist Mark King, it follows on from 3G and boasts super fast connection speeds. If you have it, you can’t be blamed for wanting to show it off with a cool little apps and high speed download ideas. With super fast internet, comes super fast download speeds. Here’s a guide to making the most of it. Use these simple and tricks tips to help you indulge and make the most of your high speed internet. 
Do you own a Netflix subscription for your laptop and home television set? If you do, you can now download the mobile application and stream the Netflix library over your 4G connection. It’s so fast that you won’t have to worry about painfully slow buffer speeds, says Independent journalist Oscar Williams-Grut. Not only will these Netflix videos play seamlessly, they’ll do so at the highest quality too. What more could you ask for? You’ve just given yourself high definition quality, on a high definition screen.
Have you already guessed where this one is going? That’s right – if you can stream Netflix seamlessly, you can stream YouTube videos in the same manner. YouTube playback was nothing short of a pain in the days of 3G, but 4G makes an unbelievable amount of difference. Being able to stream videos, free from the low buffering issues that used to plague internet users, is a real privilege. With high speed 4G, it’s just not an issue any more, says Daily Mail expert Victoria Woollaston. Why not get the YouTube app on the go, right away? 
If YouTube isn’t really your thing, take a chance on Spotify software. This programme will cost you ten pounds per month, if you want to use it on a handheld device. Yet, this is a very small price to pay for access to more than 17 million tracks. Plus, it won’t use up any memory space on your phone. There’ll be no annoying adverts to listen to, either. Wave goodbye to those slow loading times – you’re a 4G superstar now. 
If you’ve ever used Skype on a 3G connection, you’ll know how poor the service speeds can be. Well, times are changing. With high speed 4G internet and super HD cameras, it’s now easier than ever to make a top quality video call. This is great news for university students, who need to stay in contact with long distance friends and family members. Why not download the free software and find out what all of the fuss is about? 
Does the storage space on your device leave a lot to be desired? You can change that – all that you’ve got to do is make your way into the cloud. That’s right, cloud computing really is the future. Drop-Box is an external hard drive that gives users the opportunity to store anything from text to video. With high speed 4G internet, uploading and downloading files should be a walk in the park – an extremely snappy one. 
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