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Top Free Mobiles Apps for Business on the Go

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Business has been evolving from a uni dimensional trade to one with innumerable complexities. Everyone wants to earn those big bucks to make sure that they can live a happy and luxurious life.

Earlier on, it was evident that people thought of a world that was to be lived by respecting its physical boundaries. However, the growing commercialism along with the help of the power of the internet has helped in diffusing boundaries.

Smartphones have played a crucial role in helping business owners conduct their businesses easily while on the go. With lesser time and more work it is of critical significance that you can carry out your business processes without having to be actually present at the physical location.


Following is a list of the top free apps in the industry which are best for entrepreneurs planning to undertake their business processes on the go!


For obvious reasons, file sharing and data transfer plays a significant role in any industry. We know people trying to haggle everything from their inboxes and failing miserably in it too. However, with the Dropbox, you simply have a set up a free account and enjoy all its unique data sharing facilities.


PayPal is hands down the most preferred and loved payment gateway on the internet. This simple and unique payment gateway app can help you in making payments to your employees, raising invoices for your vendors and so on and so forth. Conduct all your transactions safely. This app is completely free however; certain transactions might require a merchant fee.


Have your network spread all over the world? Well, download the Skype app for your mobile and always stay connected. Whether it is instant messaging or video conferencing this free app will surprise you with its usability and quality. The best thing about this app is that it is extremely user friendly and very similar to its desktop versions.


Asana is a management app for small business owners. Most of the small or medium sized business owners prefer using the Asana app to any other when it comes to enhance the quality of communication and collaboration amongst teams. Essentially, Asana enables you to manage team tasks, projects and deadlines, without back and forth emails, while you are on the go. The application enables you to create and project a shared task list for your team which has proved to be the best way to communicate, organize, and track your work.


Business trips can burn a crater in your pockets without even letting you realize what went wrong. This app is a very simple one. It is created to help you organise all your expenditures, travel and otherwise, by keeping them at one place. With Expensify, you can itemize costs, create reports, and upload receipts for appropriate documentation. The beauty of this app lies in the fact that it is absolutely free and you are sure to love it whenever you drive down, dine out or spend any cash from your wallet!


Being active in the social media is of critical importance for any business. If you are going on a trip and are afraid that your ranking will go down terribly due to lack of activity, Hootsuite is the right app for you. This app allows you to make your social media status updates and tweets before hand and put up a schedule for it to be displayed. You can select a specific date and time for your status to be updated to make sure that you are not forgotten!

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