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Top ten best Galaxy Gear applications

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For a just debut product, the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch performance can be considered as stunning: we like its excellent call quality, good notification function and long battery life. However, the potential of this smart watch – open your digital life on your wrist – still needs to be fully tapped by third-party applications. Now, it does not have enough applications to choose from, but that does not mean we can’t find the good applications. Here are 10 of the best applications for the Galaxy Gear.

1. Evernote


This notebook application has been one of the most important applications for a lot of phones, because its interface is very intuitive, synchronization and collaboration is very powerful, and also it supports multimedia functions. The Galaxy Gear version of Evernote is sync with the phone version of Evernote, which allows you to view the latest notes and directories from the smart watch. The application also allows you to use the camera on Gear to take pictures or recordings, and automatically upload it to your Evernote account, thus forming a new note.

2. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is a necessary application for users who are health-conscious. The app lets you track your calories, scan the bar code of the food and add the foods you eat in the food diary. Also, it can view your nutritional intake (including cholesterol, sodium and carbohydrates, etc.) , track your weight loss progress and set fitness reminder service. Galaxy Gear version MyFitnessPal claims to have all functions of the general MyFitnessPal application, including scanning bar code. In addition, it also has a special feature, namely the pedometer function.

3. Pocket


For mobile users, Pocket (formally known as Read It Later) is an essential application, which lets you directly save files, videos and pictures from the phone’s browser or other applications such as Flipboard and Pulse. Even better, as the file saved in Pocket is synchronized with your phone, you can read them offline.

Galaxy Gear Edition Pocket does not allow you to directly read your saved files in the smart watch, but it can read to you through your phone’s speaker or headset. Just click the play button on the display of Galaxy Gear, you can start listening to it.

4. EBay


If the hot item you auction on eBay lastly bought by others, then you definitely feel very depressed. With the Galaxy Gear Version eBay application, you will be able to receive a variety of notification information timely, such as “others bid prices have exceeded you”, ” the product you concerned about will immediately be sold out” and “auction product will be immediately out of auction”. The app does not allow you to directly shop on eBay on the smart watch, but at least you will not lose your favorite products.

5. RunKeeper


At first glance, RunKeeper seems similar to MyFitnessPal, but in fact, these two applications are complementary. MyFitnessPal mainly concerns of your food intake, while the RunKeeper acts as the role of digital fitness coach. The app will track the number of miles you run, and if you reach your set goals. In addition, it provides information about your current activities, including running distance, burnt calories, and average heart rate and so on.

Galaxy Gear version of RunKeeper application is the extension of the mobile version RunKeeper application, which allows you to track your current activities from the watch, including time, the average time per mile, the entire mileage and burned calories.

6. Life360


“Do you know where your children are playing?” The development purposes of the Life360 application seems to answer this question. Life360 can act as a locator to help you find the members in the circle (family, friends and nursing assistant) and send messages to everyone or a single member in the circle.

You can also set the Life360 in your phone, when the members in the circle arrive specific locations, such as school or home, it will automatically remind you. You can also sign in with the GPS in your phone. The Galaxy Gear version Life360 is a supplement to the main applications.

7. Atooma


Inspired by Motorola innovative feature Smart Actions, the Atooma application allows you to enter the default context when a specific condition occurs. For example, if the battery falls below a certain level, your phone will automatically turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and dim the display light. If you’re driving, your phone will automatically use the SMS “text to speech” feature.

The Galaxy Gear version Atooma application allows you to activate or turn off the default scenario downloaded or created in your phone. However, it does not allow you to directly create a new default context from your smart watches.

8. EasilyDo


EasilyDo app allows you to get Google Now voice search function on the wrist. This popular app for phones and Galaxy Gear allows you to receive a variety of alerts, including when to start, when to make phone calls to participants in calendar events, send e-mail and SMS, tracking parcels, adding RSVP words to Facebook event, getting Facebook birthday reminder service, viewing your commuting route traffic and road conditions, and viewing the local weather conditions. Whether you believe it or not, these are not all of the features of this application.

9. Tweet Quickview

galaxy-Tweet Quickview

Tweet Quickview is one of the few Galaxy Gear exclusive apps. You can’t find the mobile version of the app on Google Play. With Tweet Quickview, you can view the latest news released bt the person you are concerned about, any messages related to you and any messages sent directly to you. You can directly read, collect and forward messages from the smart watch without the need to use your phone.

10. CamDictionary


Do not be misled by the name of CamDictionary, it is actually a translation tool. The application supports a variety of languages, from Norwegian and Catalan. No matter what kind of language you input, it can automatically retrieve and translate.

The app also has the camera function, which can translate the single word viewed by the rear camera of the phone. Galaxy Gear version CamDictionary doesn’t have the replicated input function, but it can translate words you are viewing with the built-in smart watch camera. It’s “search mode” and “Language capture” function can be set as automatic or manual.

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