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Why You Should Invest in the One App You Know Best

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Normally on this site, we discuss new apps and old ones, and the various benefits and rumors that gather around them. But have you ever stepped back for a moment and thought to yourself: “How could I make some money with all of this technological knowledge I have now?”

It’s time to do just that, with the economy and stock market promising a future that is too uncertain simply to index your investments blindly. There’s a concern that when the Baby Boomers start pulling their money out of the economy, it will collapse, and take the index funds with them.

So there’s never been a better time to learn to invest in individual stocks and companies you happen to understand.

What’s the one app, with a parent company, that you are likely to know the best? For the 1 billion people (and counting) who have accounts with this social media giant, the app you probably understand better than any other is … (Drum roll please) … Facebook!

Why You Should Invest in the One App You Know Best

So here’s why you should consider trading Facebook stock or options.

1. You’re going to keep learning about it, whether you like it or not

Because Facebook is so visible across the planet, people are inevitably going to talk about it. You’re going to be immersed in Facebook-related discussions in the foreseeable future, so why not take some of those insights, and couple them with whatever you learn about how the stock is traded, as well as its options?

2. Everyone else is doing it

Okay, perhaps your grandmother or baby nephew isn’t sitting by their computer, staring at stock charts relating to Facebook, but you can bet that a large number of serious investors are. And that means stock volatility.

That’s when people buy and sell stocks and options at a high volume and frequency. When a stock is volatile, that means it can move in one direction or the other pretty quickly, and with each move, someone is making money. Why shouldn’t it be you?

3. There’s more new learning

We talk about apps and technology because we love learning, and you’ll find very similar people online in the world of investing. If you want to see a video of someone explaining how he just made an investment play on Facebook options or stocks, there may be hundreds of those online

You can learn how others are acting on their knowledge of Facebook making money (or make an informed attempt at it) on the stock and its derivatives!

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