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5 Cool Technologies Coming To A Home Near You In A Few Years

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You’re already starting to see how much technology can improve your home, but are you curious about the new technologies you can expect to see in the future? Take a look at these ones because they’re not too far from sweeping through the nation which means you can start to look forward to them.

Track the energy you use

Expect to see robots

Do you ever wonder why you can’t track the energy your home uses at the moment? You can track everything your car uses on a daily basis. When you’re low on fuel or oil you’ll be informed so you can do something about it. In the future you’ll be told when your appliances are wasting too much energy so you can get new ones. You’ll be able to see when your energy use spikes so you know what times of the day you’re spending the most money. In the future you’ll be able to track everything because of a complex monitoring system.

Expect to see robots

You might think this is a joke, but we’re already seeing robots getting released at the moment. I’m talking about the ones that go around vacuuming your floors on their own. Those kinds of robots will become more common and they’ll carry out a lot more simple tasks. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait a few more years if you expect a robot that can cook dinner and answer your door. Keep an eye out for more basic robots because they’ll probably start coming onto the market over the next few years.

Preprogram your home

When you come home from work you need to go around performing lots of little tasks. If it’s dark outside you’ll need to close all the curtains. You will also need to turn the lights on in the rooms you’ll be working in. Don’t forget you’ll need to turn the oven on and wait for it to heat up. Imagine if you could press a button on your phone before you left the office and everything would be done for you walking inside the door. You could throw your food in the oven and put your feet up straight away.

Advanced security options

Advanced security options

Security systems are getting more advanced each year, but sooner or later they’re going to step up to the next level. Can you imagine if you had a security camera that used facial recognition to tell you who was at the door? Once your friends were entered into the system you would be told who was outside your home. If the camera didn’t recognize anyone you’d be given a warning so you could find out who was there before opening the door. This technology will be affordable and it won’t be long until we get it.

Smarter toilets

You’ve probably heard about smart toilets because they’ve been huge in Japan for a long time now, but we’ve not heard much about them in the US. That will change in the future because the price of smart toilets will come down. At the moment you need to spend thousands of dollars if you want one. Once you have one in your bathroom they’ll do a number of cool things. They will have built-in deodorizers, the seat will heat up to keep you warm, and they will even flush themselves when you’re finished doing your business.

Unrecognizable homes

In a hundred years our homes will probably look completely different. It’s just a shame we’re not going to be around that long to see them, but at least we can enjoy some of the new technologies as they are released. Do you have any special things you’d like to see over the next few years? I’m sure there are plenty of smart inventors looking for ideas.

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