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5 iOS Apps to Host an Awesome Kid’s Birthday Party

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Adults hardly ever celebrate birthday parties, probably because they don’t want to go through the trouble of arranging one. However, kids expect a party on their birthday. They look forward to it all year long. How else are they going to get birthday presents from their friends? That’s what they live for. It’s also a chance to show off to their friends how grand their party can be. What? You didn’t think children cared about things like that? Of course they do. Therefore, we have made a list of iOS apps that will help you host an awesome kid’s birthday party.

Birthday & Party Planner

As an adult it could be difficult for you to plan a kid’s birthday party. You may forget a thing or two. This is why you should get the Birthday & Party Planner app. It gives you a default task list which you can customize according to your wishes. It also starts a timer which counts down to the party. This is to keep you on schedule. It has 12 different party modes to choose from, so you can use it to host different types of parties.

5 iOS Apps to Host an Awesome Kid’s Birthday Party

Foodie Recipes

Choosing a menu for the party can be a tough cookie to crack. You have no idea what to make or how to make it. This is where Foodie Recipes comes in. It’s a recipe book for hardcore foodies as you can drive from its name. It has tons of recipes for all sorts of festivities. If your kid’s birthday happens to be in December like mine, you can have a Christmas themed menu, complete with Gingerbread men and cupcakes. Having a Christmas themed birthday will also get you in the holiday season. Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

Heads Up!

Ever since Ellen DeGeneres played this game on her show it’s been all the rage. It’s charades for people who belong to the digital age and it can be played using your iOS device. One person holds the phone over his head with a word displaying on the screen and the other person has to act it out. So far sounds just like charades, doesn’t it? But wait it gets better. The camera records the other player’s actions for future playback. This will make for a fun video after the party is over. When kids start getting out of control, whip out your phone and yell, “Heads up!”

Traktor DJ

Music is a must at parties, especially kid’s parties. That’s because kids aren’t shy to show off their moves on the dance floor. They have no reservations about it whatsoever. Use the Traktor DJ app to be the DJ at your own kid’s party. Play the music in the bounce house you’ve hired just for this special occasion and turn it into a disco. The kids will be bouncing and dancing at the same time. This attraction is sure to score some points for your party. If this doesn’t do it, probably nothing else will.

Hue Disco

Remember how we talked about turning the bounce house into a disco. Well music alone won’t do that. You’ll also need disco lights. No, you don’t have to hire that separately. Just use the Hue Disco app and turn your iOS device into disco lights. It uses the microphone to recognize the current track and produces a light show accordingly. It’s the finishing touch for your disco. You have to make it look authentic for EDM lovers. Once the kids are tired from all that bouncing and dancing, they’ll be too tired to cause a ruckus. That’ll keep the party under control and prevent you from calling the cops.

Hosting birthday parties can be fun, especially when you have machines doing half the work for you. Now all you have to wait for is the invention of the robot butler, then you can be completely free from all your chores. Perhaps on a later date when you’ve grown accustomed to them, they can help you raise your kids as well. Unfortunately until that day comes you’ll have to make do with the apps mentioned here. It’s a good thing though. Sometimes a kid’s birthday party requires a human touch, especially that of a parent.

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