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5 iPhone Apps To Manage Your Email Like A Pro

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Most marketers are busy from the moment they wake up until the day ends. They measure, create and compose campaigns based on data, ideas, brainstorming, technology and the latest news. Any kind of app that provides a time-saving, efficient and reliable solution is greatly utilized. These five apps are known for helping with all kinds of marketing techniques and strategies.

1. Buffer for Twitter and Facebook

Buffer for Twitter and Facebook screenshot

Now marketing pros can schedule all kinds of tweets and retweets with the tap of a button. The app allows you to organize, schedule and see metrics for all of your tweets while they are flying around trying to get into people’s heads. Buffer also works for Facebook, and you can use tools like bookmarked to create dynamic posts. As you tweet out links throughout the day, the analytic options will help you see what tweets had the biggest notice. You can also see trends and optimize the next round of tweets.

2. Tweetbot

Tweetbot 2 screenshot

If you are one of those Twitter power pros, then Tweetbot may already be on your list of marketing tools. This app has more features than the official Twitter for iPhone and also has a lot more speed. The interface allows for quick and speedy tweets while you can also search for tweets based on keywords and hashtags. You can also use the translate feature to look for non-English tweets. You can also tweet from both personal and company Twitter accounts.

3. Prismatic

Prismatic screenshot

With Prismatic, you can search for content and topics that you are most interested in. You can add any keyword to your news feed to receive updates about it. If you are constantly sending out tweets with relevant links, this app will allow you to find the latest news and interesting pages to send. The app also excels at finding new and different links that aren’t like what you already use. For example, you probably are used to seeing links from TechCrunch and MOZ, but Prismatic will also find you treasure from other authoritative sources and blogs.

4. Quora

Quora screenshot

If you have a ton of questions or just want to learn more about your customers, you can ask away with the Quora app. You can find questions on any subject matter here, and there are almost always answers from professionals and authoritative sources. You can also read questions from other marketing teams and get advice for different strategies that you have in mind.

5. Pocket

Pocket screenshot

Being a busy marketing pro, there’ve, no doubt, been a few times when you didn’t have the time to read a really interesting article. However you opened a ton of tabs that you’ll get to later. With Pocket, you can easily organize all of these links and keep track of the articles. You can add the articles from any location, so if you don’t have time at home, you may give time while sitting on the morning train with your phone.

These are just a few of the top apps for marketing professionals who are incredibly busy and need help getting to all of their tasks in a day. Each app offers a unique way to access social media, links, articles, videos and more, as quickly as possible.

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The author of this post is Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Target Audience Online, providers of targeted email marketing. An avid car enthusiast, Nancy likes to go on long drives during the weekend. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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