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Advance tool in Cpanel

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The following documents describe the features located in the cPanel Advanced box.

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  • Apache Handlers — This interface allows you to add and manage Apache handlers. Apache handlers control
    how your site’s Apache web server software manages certain file types and file extensions.
  • API Shell — This feature allows you to run cPanel API function calls interactively within the interface.
  • Cron Jobs — cPanel provides 2 interfaces for editing cron jobs. Cron jobs are scheduled tasks that take place at predefined times or intervals on the server.
  • Error Pages — This interface allows you to customize the appearance of your error pages. An error page informs a visitor when there is a problem accessing your site.
  • FrontPage® Extensions — This feature allows you to enable or disable FrontPage extensions. FrontPage extensions will allow web pages to be published directly from the Microsoft® FrontPage application, eliminating the need to use FTP.
  • Image Manager — cPanel includes 3 tools to help you manage the images you use on your website.
  • Index Manager — This interface allows you to configure how a directory index will appear to those who access it.
  • MIME Types — This feature allows you to create and manage MIME types. MIME types relay information to the browser about how to handle file extensions.
  • Network Tools — This area of cPanel’s interface contains tools for retrieving network information.
  • Submit a Support Request — This feature makes it easy for you to submit support requests and change your contact email address. However, it is important to remember that this function may not be active per your web host’s configuration and terms.


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