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Best Android Apps Your Smartphone Should Have

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Advancing technologies in this Smartphone era have incorporated much confusion in the user’s mind. With so much of options available and in the ecstasy to opt for the best, there have been frequent cases where users get defrauded. Talking about the mobile applications on Android phones, there is a vast sea of apps that has no commencement and no ending. Which type of water one needs to take from ones reach is obviously in the hands of the user!


Android apps market is constantly growing and is among the leaders in terms of app launching and downloads. By 2015, it is estimated that the number of total Smartphone users are going to exceed the number of desktop users. Keeping this fact in consideration, Smartphone application users must exactly know the utility and decide the app installations accordingly. Android apps fall into vast categories and their applications are mainly prevalent with age, interests, use and affordability. Domains of the apps are quite important when you are making your Smartphone a complete package. So here is a quick look at some of the Android apps that are essential to your mobile package:


To communicate with the near and dear ones and also to visualize the recent updates of everyone, this app is the strong essentiality of every Smartphone. For business tycoons, maintaining offshore relationships with clients is eased by the use of the official Android Facebook app provided by Google. Constant update of photos, texts and status at instantaneous time is available which helps user to magnify app utility.

Advance Task Killer

Another important app that is needed for every Smartphone device is this one. It helps to sustain with the longer battery backups killing the unwanted running apps that occupy a storage place in the mobile ultimately leading to hang-ups for mobile. This app has had many other competing apps with the same functionality but the best results are provided by Advance task killer only. Fruitful use of Smartphone can be more astonishing by having this app on your cart


It is a perfect platform for all the stuff that one requires for the purpose of entertainment. Quiet significantly Zedge has the library which consists of wallpapers, ringtones, launchers, apps and many other things which can prove to be useful for your Android Smartphone. Listening to songs online, videos and other surfing is possible with 3G speed offering mobiles that consist of Zedge app. It is therefore an app to look out for while downloading apps for your new phone.

KingSoft Office

The most prolific business app in the Android world to have in the bucket of your apps is Kingsoft office. It offers best formats nearly around 25 that serve all kinds of business necessities. All datasheets and images for each and every kind of document are accessible through this app. Also it allows cloud based storage of data which implicates the laptops utility by the easiest way.

PicsArt Photo Studio

All the recent Smartphones have good quality cameras with catastrophic features. This app helps you capture and adjust images according to visualizations. Different mode effects and contrasts are synchronized to make the photos a new, stylish and gorgeous look. Also Video and sound quality adjustments are possible making your mobile a complete package for app studio.

Other than these domains weather apps like Go weather forecast, Accu weather, Insta weather pro also govern the dominance in the market. After all it’s the user who has to decide what to install and what not based on his utility, interest and divergence. Above apps are just the small script among many prevailing in the market! But it is necessary to get aware about ones specific utility and proceed accordingly while making your gadget more usable.

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Alfred Beiley is a writer who writes on mobile technology. At present, he is working with 360 Degree Technosoft – a leading android app development company based in India, which provides best mobile apps development solutions to global clients.

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