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Creative, Cute and Unique Proposal Ideas for Tech Geeks

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Tech geeks are a certain breed of person with a certain skill-set. Of course not all the stereotypes about techies are true – there are plenty of confident, gregarious and outgoing geeks out there – but then again they do tend to fall into certain types and display many common traits. In general geeks are sensitive and romantic, dedicated and loyal, intelligent and creative. We make great partners and yet we are not necessarily as able as others to express those feelings – perhaps we’re a little shy or a little introverted. Often tech geeks start their infatuation with computers because they’re predictable and solitary. You can create whole worlds in code without ever having to make yourself vulnerable or open yourself up emotionally. Code is always straightforward – even when it’s the most complicated code in the world.

Creative, Cute and Unique Proposal Ideas for Tech Geeks

Thus there are some things that your average techies are not always going to be naturally inclined to. Techies make brilliant partners thanks to that creativity, that intelligence and that sensitivity – they’re far more interesting and far more loyal than any jocks or bimbos. But then again the often struggle to meet their partners in the first place because they don’t want to put themselves out there. And they often struggle then to express their feelings – and the thought of proposing is likely wholly unsavory.

The solution of course as any smart techie knows is to play to your strengths. Struggling to meet partners? Then try online dating – that’s your domain. Struggling to make a romantic statement? Then try using the web to express yourself the way you know how…

And when it comes to getting engaged there are plenty of creative, smart and unique ways to propose that take full advantage of that skill set. Here are some cool ‘techie’ ways to propose…

Create an App

Apps are big news these days and are generally relatively easy to code. If you want to do something unique and romantic for your partner, then why not create an app for them with your message hidden inside in some way? This could be a game even, that asks your loved one to marry you upon completion, or it could be an app that responds to information from the GPS in order to perform a vital part of your proposal – you could make it call you automatically when they’re in a beautiful location only for you to then propose, or you could get it to trigger a video that you’ve pre-recorded.

Create a Video

Speaking of videos, if you happen to be something of a smart editor then you can create a truly epic proposal video. Something like this one:


Crowdfuding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are often used to raise funds for a business or for a cause, but they can be used for many other things too – and if you have a big spectacular proposal idea then this can be just the place to get the money and to capture the imaginations of thousands of people. That’s always a nice feeling…


Proposing on Facebook might seem like something of a ‘cop-out’, but then if you look at it in another way it’s actually very romantic. Restaurant proposals are often popular thanks to being public displays of affection – but with a Facebook proposal your message will be seen by all your friends and family and will be there for years for people to look at. Just see how many likes you get…

3D Printing

If you can use 3D modelling software then the ring you present doesn’t need to be one that you bought from a jeweler. Buy a beautiful diamond online that meets the criteria of the four Cs (carat, cut, color and clarity), and then use 3D printing to create the actual band in gold or silver before getting it mounted. Anyone can buy a ring, geeks make their rings…

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  1. Craig says:

    Some good ideas here,not sure my wife would like me proposing to any more women though. LOL.