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Cyber attacks cost unprotected small businesses thousands

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Small businesses are being targeted for brutal cyber attacks now more than ever, according to a recently published survey by the National Small Business Association (NSBA).

Small businesses are being targeted for cyber attacks now more than ever, according to a recently published survey by the National Small Business Association (NSBA). The survey found that nearly half of the firms that participated in the survey have reported some form of cyber attack, reporting that intellectual property records and data stores were among the compromised security breaches. 

Cyber attacks cost unprotected small businesses thousandsNow that small business owners are performing much of their own IT management, it is crucial for them to deploy all possible methods of cybersecurity and to understand how it works. Even with the added elements of cyber weakness in the widespread use of mobile technologies, such as Smartphones and tablets, and the ability for employees to telecommute, the survey found that 94 percent of small businesses are only somewhat concerned about data security. 

“This growing IT reliance makes issues such as cyber security, intellectual property protection and a functional online marketplace critically important in today’s global economy,” said Todd McCracken, NSBA president and CEO.

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Password management an easy solution

Although small businesses must contend with constant attacks from cyber criminals, there are simple and inexpensive solutions available that will mitigate the brute-force assaults. The survey concluded that the companies  that were concerned about Internet safety, the same number determined that they believed the costs of upgrading their security were not worth the protection afforded. According to the survey’s findings, however, compromised businesses lost nearly $9,000 in compromised data per attack, which is much more costly​ than the small expense of typical password management software. 

According to B2C, password managers provide users with a simple to use tool that allows users to protect their passcodes over multiple accounts. These solutions not only store the passwords that users choose, but they also generate passwords, provide a simple layout for easy navigation and typically allow for one-click login. 

By deciding now to protect themselves against cyber attacks, businesses can prevent an expensive breach before upgrading their security measures. 

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