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New LiveBoost Technology in System Mechanic® 12.5

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LiveBoost is a collection of three automatic real-time tuning features: OptiCore, RAMJet and AcceleWrite. These features are designed to balance demands and improve the responsiveness of your CPU, RAM, and storage drives (HDDs and SSDs).

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This technology works silently in the background, occupies minimal system resources, and only processes actions when they’re needed.

System Mechanic® 12.5 featuring new LiveBoost™ Technology is designed to take you beyond optimization with a PC that’s able to organize its resources to meet needs—in real time.

System Mechanic 12.5 represents a new direction in computer performance that begins where optimization leaves off. Just imagine what you could accomplish if your PC responded at the speed of your thoughts as you move quickly from task to task. Before System Mechanic 12.5, moment to moment responsiveness like this has seemed impossible to achieve.


Only in System Mechanic 12.5, new LiveBoost includes:

New OptiCore™: Optimizes full CPU power for your real-time demands.

Many programs like to think it’s all about them and try to grab all of the CPU’s attention. The greater the CPU capacity, the greater the demand can be. Some programs capture so much CPU resources that supporting operations stutter and slow – even freeze. OptiCore is new technology that spots and contains greedy programs and ends the conflict between your needs and what the operating system needs. OptiCore is optimized for single, dual, quad, 6 and 8 core PCs and reduces lag on Windows 8.1, 7, Vista and XP.

New RAMJet™: Instantly raises memory levels to boost foreground apps.

Programs and applications too often keep a portion of active memory trapped, even after they’re done using this memory and/or have been closed. This “trapped” memory reduces the overall amount of available RAM to the Windows® operating system, slowing your whole system down. The more programs you have open, the faster this can happen. RAMJet™ automatically recovers trapped memory in real time and helps ensure your PC stays responsive to your multitasking needs.

Enhanced AcceleWrite™: Supercharges program speeds and prevents fragmentation in real time.

Working deep inside the Windows operating system, AcceleWrite™ increases the efficiency of how files are written to the drive. By minimizing the random writing of data, AcceleWrite increases overall system performance and largely reduces or eliminates the need to perform secondary file optimization (such as disk defragmentation), saving your system time and energy resources and helping prolong the life of your PC.

System Mechanic 12.5 Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive solution: Performs an automated 229-point full service computer diagnostic exam.
  • Independent lab proven: Multiple 3rd party experts prove System Mechanic works hard to improve PC speed and reliability.
  • Science-driven power: Uses iolo Labs’ research data to automatically fix over 36,000 different types of problems and errors.
  • A wise investment: Helps make old PCs run like new again and keeps new PCs running smoothly, avoiding headaches and premature replacement costs.
  • The expert’s choice: Consistently ranked most effective in improving PC performance by independent test labs.
  • Patented automatic maintenance: iolo’s patented ActiveCare® technology automatically maintains your PC while it isn’t being used.
  • Unlimited home license: iolo’s breakthrough Whole Home License® allows unlimited product use on all your home PCs.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows: Optimized for each version of Windows from XP, Vista, 7, to Windows 8, iolo ensures its products are always on the cutting edge.

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