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Responsive WordPress Design: Become Mobile-Friendly

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In this era of Web design and development, we are rapidly getting into the point of being unable to sustain with the ceaseless new resolutions and devices. For various websites, it would be just impossible or at least impractical to create a website version for each resolution and fresh device. Responsive web design suggests that the design and development must respond to the user’s preferences and environment depending upon the platform, screen size and orientation. The website should automatically switch to become suitable for resolution, scripting abilities and image size or the site should have the capability to automatically detect the screen size and respond to the user’s behavior.

WordPress started with a blogging platform and has now turned into a powerful open source content management system. WordPress and its assorted plug-ins & themes provide a web designer an easy access into site creation. WordPress enables easy management and modification of content to your site. While a responsive web design assists you to display your site flawlessly on internet supporting devices, Smartphones of various other screen sizes. Following are the three different ways to start with a responsive WordPress website:

Get Started With Responsive Theme

The best part about WordPress is that the numerous themes are available for the platform. WordPress users can choose from a wide range of themes that are designed to serve for various purposes including news sites, blogs, e-commerce stores and personal portfolios. Go for an easy to customize theme with a lot of flexibility and great appearance, so that you can personalize it as per your choice. Do not opt for a theme that call a lot of files to load, this can slow down your website.

Responsive Theme

Upgrade A Responsive Theme

If you have yet to adopt a responsive design, upgrading your theme to one that is responsive is no doubt the easiest way to become mobile-friendly, eliminating the need to create a parallel mobile site. Moreover, this method is widely preferred for delivering a responsive WordPress website. Always use a style sheet on both desktop and mobile versions of your site while using a WordPress theme.

Convert An Existing Theme

If you are very well-satisfied with your current website design to make your existing theme responsive can be an option available to you for getting a highly-responsive WordPress website. However, it could be a challenging task, depending on the complexity of your theme. It might not be the best use of your valuable time, unless you have considerable skills and better understanding of web design. So, hiring a professional WordPress developer can be a better option to convert non-responsive theme.

Suitable Text Size Along With Effective Navigations

It is important to choose appropriate text size because while working on smaller screen, we have smaller layout and the big size text will appear too big and vice versa. So, it is better to adjust the text size accordingly. You can improve the responsive navigation of your website using a number of strategies. It is a better choice to use a drop down box rather than a navigation bar or form an app-like setting for your website using the whole page for your navigation. Otherwise, you can go for different plug-ins to handle the navigation menu of your website.

Effective Navigation

Use Good Plug-ins

It is essential to use good plug-ins, if you are not planning to go with your current theme. The plug-ins for responsive design works well with the websites that are mainly concerned with the content. WPTouch is an excellent plug-in that eliminates some of the elements of your site and displays your content flawlessly on any screen size. Even the plug-ins can be used to add color, graphics and styles to your theme. Some more plug-ins that can be used are Page builder, Sinking drop-down WordPress and Fluid responsive slideshow.

WordPress Plug-ins


Making use of a responsive theme is the best way to get aboard with the rise of Smartphones and other mobile devices. While for those who are still attached to non-responsive theme, converting it to a responsive one is the better option. It is the best time for those who are ready to embrace the change and switch to a responsive WordPress theme, to refresh the appearance of their site and welcome the ever-growing mobile users.

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